Complaining about someone but dating them anyway

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There are a lot of people in the world who are currently attached to someone they can’t stand for various reasons. They are no longer in love with the person, or never loved them at all. They are no longer attracted to the person, or they were never attracted to them at all. They can’t stand the person’s negative attitude, poor hygiene, lack of ambition, financial issues, baby momma or baby daddy issues, emotional baggage, or even the fact that one of their toes on their left foot is longer than all the others. It could be any reason under the sun.

When their relatives or friends ask about the person, nothing but negativity comes out of their mouths:

“He still ain’t got a job and it’s been eight months.”

“He doesn’t pay me any attention. All he does is play video games.”

“Last weekend, he didn’t get home until seven in the damn morning.”

“I think he’s cheating on me again. Some chick sent a text to my phone.”

“I’m so sick of him I don’t know what to do.”

Yet, they are cuddled up with the same person every night, acting like they are in heaven.

Or they agree to go out on a date with someone who is clearly broke, disrespectful, playing the field, and only wants sex. Then they want to complain about that. Here is the thing: if you don’t like someone, don’t deal with them in the first place.

Sure, some traits can pop up out the blue after the fact but most are obvious from the get-go. Stop allowing someone to be in your personal space, taking up your time and energy, and blocking the immediate for the person you really want to be there. It is as simple as that.

Are you currently with someone that you don’t even like, or no longer like? Are you making up excuses to not walk away from them and wait for a better option? Are you so afraid of being alone that you are willing to come home to a battlefield? Try being alone for a little while and see what happens.

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