The Kristina Roberts Show, episode 8

KRS – Actor Alphonso Jackson Arait Justice Podcast – Fashion designer Kelly Blake Nakita’s Virtual JukeBox – Frontman and guitarist Joe Jordan

The Kristina Roberts Show, episode 7

KRS guest: Author Miasha Coleman and business owner Rich Coleman The Arait Justice podcast show: Entertainer Blaqman Supreme Nakita’s Virtual JukeBox: Vocal duo Cash and Earle

The Kristina Roberts Show, episode 6

KRS Guest: Chef Alexis Hicks The Arait Justice Podcast Show Guest: Author Jasmine Pennix Nakita’s Virtual JukeBox Guest: Recording Artist Edi Callier

The Kristina Roberts Show, episode 5

KRS Guest: Entrepreneur Monique Hall The Arait Justice Podcast Guest: Entertainer Osker D Advice Email: Generational Common Sense Nakita’s Virtual JukeBox Guest: Singer-songwriter Trent Cokley

The Kristina Roberts Show, episode 4

KRS guest: Actor Deon Robertson and cntrepreneur Lotto Arait Justice podcast: Author Justin Jackson Advice email: 3 kids, 3 different daddies, and only 1 pays child support Nakita’s Virtual JukeBox: Vocalist-actress Pam Ward

The Kristina Roberts Show, episode 3

Kristina Roberts Show: Guests on this week’s episode are actress Dominique Danielle, musician Cojo and singer Nollej Arait Justice Podcast Show: Author Kacy Keys Advice Email: “Soulmate From the Pass” Nakita’s Virtual JukeBox: Dancer Gabrielle West

The Kristina Roberts Show, episode 2

KRS guest: Philanthropist Ni’Cola Mitchell Arait Justice podcast show: Videographer and editor Braedon Jenkins Advice email: “I’m a gay male caught between a Marine and his baby’s mama” Nakita’s virtual jukebox: Music producer and engineer Brandon Ross

The Kristina Roberts Show, episode 1

In-studio guest: Actress Patrice Fisher The Arait Justice Podcast Show guest: Business owner Shaina Little Advice email: “Neighbor Drama” Nakita’s Virtual Jukebox guest: Songwriter-producer CWhyBeFly

Zane unveils new book at Shrine of the Black Madonna

The Shrine of the Black Madonna has been a staple of African American history and culture in Atlanta ever since its inception in 1975. While it serves the community as the ninth congregation of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church, the site also hosts lectures and has a book store full of fiction and non-fiction […]

This is getting ridiculous

Day after day after day, I receive advice emails from women who are in the most ridiculous of situations with men. Often the men are at least 10-25 years their senior, still living from pillar to post, but their sex game is so strong, the women are delusional. The women believe that they can change the […]

Pregnant by one man but intimately involved with another

Pregnant woman

Over the years, this topic has come up over and over in my advice emails. If a woman is pregnant by one man but intimately involved with another, the majority of people think she is a THOT, whore, and way too promiscuous. Now there may be certain instances where that might be the case, such […]

Well, at least I’m getting out of the house

black couple

Dating can be quite expensive these days. Forty dollars for a movie, including concessions. One hundred dollars or more for dinner, including drinks. Tack on gas, valet or garage parking, and getting prepared with visits to the barber or hair salon, or a new outfit, and one date can add up to a decent utility […]

Is there ever a point to fighting for a relationship?

black couple

When you realize that the person you are with is interested in someone else, there are truly only a few options. Some people convince themselves that their mate is merely having sex with someone else without having feelings attached. They believe that as long as they have the strings on the person’s heart, that is […]

Vagina: To clean or not to clean

woman in tub

Recently, I received an email from a woman who said that she does not believe in washing her vagina because it is self-cleaning and using soaps can kill off all the good and healthy bacteria. Her theory is that the vagina is self-cleaning and insisted that her doctor told her not to wash it on […]

Do you need a new bed?

african american couple

There was a recent debate in one of my social media groups. This is the question that was posed: You’re dating someone, things get serious and the two of you start to talk about moving in together. However, your mate insists on getting a new bed because they refuse to sleep in a bed you had sex […]

Long-distance relationships

black woman Skype FaceTime

The Internet has done a lot of positive things for people over the past two-and-a-half decades. One of the biggest things has been expanding a person’s dating pool by at least a thousand times; possibly more. Dating sites geared toward every niche area of dating (race, sexual orientation, age, religion, location, etc.), social networks, and […]

Complaining about someone but dating them anyway

black couple argue

There are a lot of people in the world who are currently attached to someone they can’t stand for various reasons. They are no longer in love with the person, or never loved them at all. They are no longer attracted to the person, or they were never attracted to them at all. They can’t stand […]

Why so many hot women can’t get a hot date

black woman

Not a week, or even day, goes by when I don’t receive emails on top of emails from attractive, successful and stable women who can’t seem to get a date to save their lives in their local area. Yet, many of them have men trying to pick them up on the Internet all day, every […]

Is there a double standard when it comes to porn?

black couple

Dear Zane, I watch “a lot” of porn. I watch it on my phone, my tablet and my computer. I watch it on free sites and will sometimes purchase scenes from this bondage site. Some days when I am out of school, I’ll sit and watch it for hours while I constantly masturbate. The thing […]