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Snob Life owner Ming Lee discusses expanding her empire

Photo credit: Steed Media Service

Ming Lee is an entrepreneur from Detroit who moved to Atlanta with $500 and a dream. Lee turned her $500 into Snob Life, a flourishing Atlanta-based business. She started on her journey when she was only 24, and is now in the midst of turning her dream into a reality. Ming sat down with rolling out’s Ariane Davis at the Family Dollar Fabulous event to discuss expanding Snob Life, and being fabulous.

Can you tell our readers about Snob Life?

OK, well Snob Life has been open for a little bit over two years. And we specialize in all-natural hair care and extensions. We also retail hair extensions there too.

So is it a full salon?

It’s not quite a full salon because we don’t have a nail tech, but we do do makeup, lashes and hair.

What does fabulous mean to you?

Cha-ching! Cha-Ching!

Cha-ching! I knew you would say that!

Well, I’m in the beauty industry myself, and I know in Atlanta how important it is for women to upkeep their maintenance and stuff like that. Since I provide that, it actually makes me a lot of money, so I’m not really mad at that. Like, they call Atlanta the Black Hollywood but that kind of works in my favor.

And where can everybody come and see you and your studio?

We are located at 101 Centennial Olympic Park. That’s downtown in the Castleberry Hill area. We’re right behind the Georgia Dome.

Are you going to expand?

I’m actually going to open up some salon suites, at the beginning of the year, here. And, I’m in talks of opening up a salon in L.A.

Hair is big out there too.

It is. It is. And it’s, it’s a bigger market for us

For urban girls?

Yes, for ethnic girls.

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