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Black don’t crack: Celebrity women who’ve aged well

Photo source: Regina Hall (@morereginahall) via Instagram
Photo source: Regina Hall (@morereginahall) via Instagram

Keeping looks up to par after a certain age can become a challenge. Careers become hectic, children and marriages can contribute to stress, and metabolism slows down — all of which can lead to rapid physical aging. But even with the challenges women face as time goes on, many ladies manage to slow major physical signs of aging. Some may spend long hours in the gym, others may use facial treatments, and for some, longlasting youthful looks just come natural. Whatever the secret to youth may be for some women, it’s evident that some of our favorite female celebrities have found it, and they are oftentimes some of our biggest inspirations for preserving our pretty.

We’ve put together a list of celebrity women of a mature age (over 45) who continue to look just as vibrant and beautiful as they did in the beginning of their careers.

Photo by Michael Kovac - © 2015 Michael Kovac
Photo by Michael Kovac – © 2015 Michael Kovac

Angela Bassett, 57

Angela Bassett is the poster woman for mature women in Hollywood whose appearance is always on point, from her glowing skin to her athletic body and fantastic smile. Her amazing upkeep is an inspiration to not only other celebs, but everyday women who desire to slow the physical effects of aging.

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