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Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, Leolah Brown, writing tell-all

Photo Credit: Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Instagram (@realbkristinahg)

Photo credit: Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Instagram (@realbkristinahg)

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s aunt, Leolah Brown, has always been outspoken when it comes to her late niece and the mysterious circumstances involving her untimely death last year after being found face down and unconscious in her suburban Atlanta home. Although it’s been a few months since we’ve seen Leolah’s name in the news, she recently made headlines again when she revealed that she plans to write a tell-all book about Brown.

As previously reported, Los Angeles spiritual healer Jollie Harris III recently opened up about his visit to Brown in her final days and his claims that, despite reports that she was comatose, Brown was responsive and on the mend before her death. Harris claimed that he could’ve prevented her death with his healing herbs and oils had he not been blocked by Brown’s aunt, Pat Houston.

In a new Facebook post, Leolah wrote about Harris’ comments and claimed that he was telling the truth.

“To comment on Dr. Jollie Harris lll, who spoke with Radar; he was absolutel100% correct about Bobbi Kristina being able to live! Dr. Harris is telling the truth 100%. Pat Garland and others (I won’t mention here) did everything they could to literally see to it that Bobbi Kristina was completely gone! I said this before and I will say it again. Bobbi Kristina was doing fine!” Leolah wrote.

She then revealed that she plans to write a tell-all book about Brown’s death.

“She was communicating with us and looked forward to coming home! And in her communicating to us she wanted Pat to stay far away from her! This is what I fought to do for Krissi! However, my voice went unheard once again! But like I said, IT AIN’T OVER! YOU WILL HEAR THE FULL ‘TRUE’ STORY IN MY BOOK SOON!” Leolah wrote.

But that’s not all that Leolah had to say. Read another scathing post from her after the cut.

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1 Comment

  1. JustSaying on February 23, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    Leolah Brown is a major Nutcase! She will Do or Say ANYTHING just to get attention, no matter how BIG the lies are she has to tell ! Members of her own family say she’s crazy. Her own brother Bobby Brown has publicly stated that there have been accusations and allegations Leolah has made during Bobbi Kristina’s hospitalization, and about Pat Houston have been total lies, and he even believes Leolah’s only motives for making these lies is to just keep getting attention!
    Whitney also Never gave Leolah any sort of guardianship of Bobbi Kristina ! As a matter of fact, Whitney did an impromptu interview (I saw it) in which Whitney talked about how she had made major decisions for both hers and Bobbi Kristina’s lives and wellbeing. Whitney had stopped ALL communications and contact with a few people in their lives, one of which was Leolah Brown.
    Leolah had been trying to sell completely fabricated stories about Both Whitney and Bobbi Kristina to the highest paying tabloids. Fortunately, Leolah was found to be an unreliable source, and she got No buyers. However, word of these fabricated stories and who was trying to sell them got back to Whitney. And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back over Leolah. Whitney had finally had enough of her antics.
    After Whitney died, Leolah was at it again. Trying to once again trying to sell only to the highest paying tabloids her Whitney was Murdered story. Her story was so full of false allegations and accusations, and she was once again found not credible, and an unreliable source. No Buyers!
    So, Leolah went on the Dr.Drew show LIVE. Dr. Drew doesn’t get to prepare in advance, he has no idea what Leolah will say…they go on the air Live! Leolah basicly tells her “Whitney was Murdered” story with all of her allegations and accusations, naming names, saying things she saw, making it sound as though she was practically an eye witness. Making claims of things “Whitney had told her”.
    HLN and CNN reran this interview after it’s live showing. Once they did, out came the lawyers!
    These attorneys demanded this interview stopped being shown. If they did not stop running this interview filled with nothing but untruths, legal actions would be taken. They had proof in hand that Leolah’s allegations and accusations were beyond ridiculous and impossible! Not to mention the fact, Leolah couldn’t have “seen anything” as she claimed she had, since she was Not at the Beverly Hilton, she wasn’t even in the state of California for that matter!
    That interview was never shown again. Leolah was never granted another interview on any show on HLN or CNN again. It was brought to Dr.Drews attention that a portion of the interview had made its way onto the internet however. Dr.Drew then when on the air, and made a public apology for that entire interview.
    Leolah doesn’t care Who she tramples on, who gets hurt, whose reputation she may destroy with her blatant lies. Leolah only cares about Leolah. She isn’t looking for justice for Krissi or Whitney. Leolah is Only looking to keep the spotlight and attention on herself. The Only reason Leolah is Even attempting to write a book, is simply because her brother Bobby Brown just wrote a book!
    She has to one-up Bobby Brown, or at least try to. She can’t let him get any of Her attention away from her!
    And just What will her book be Anyway?
    All of her same ole same ole rants and raves? The same ole lies, same ole lip flapping allegations and accusations?
    There is one thing Leolah has to face. And it’s the TRUE FACTS! Bobby Brown even said them himself more than once…Leolah never had Actual Inside Information. Not when it came to Bobbi Kristina’s medical condition, and Leolah certainly doesn’t have inside information as to what happened to put Bobbi Kristina in the condition she ended up in.
    Leolah hadn’t even been in contact with Bobbi Kristina!
    Leolah Brown is Exploiting Bobbi Kristina and Whitney’s deaths even more than Nick Gordon is for monetary gain and attention!
    And we already know Nick got paid $40,000 to take a cameraman with him when he went to Bobbi Kristina’s gravesite and had pictures taken there.