Sabrina Player brings fun to the community with MOSAIC Moon venue

sabrina player
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Sabrina Player is the owner of MOSAIC Moon, a space designed for creative expression. Player’s vision is to create an environment that encompasses various forms of dance, exercise, and the arts. MOSAIC Moon hosts classes and activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family; and doubles as an intimate event space for milestones and fellowship. She and her talented team cater to their guests’ mind, body and soul.

Please describe your leadership style as CEO.
My leadership style is to meet people where they are and to  help them to grow from there. One of my strengths is identifying talent and then fostering that talent to benefit the person as well as the team.

What is your mission statement?
My mission statement is to maintain the onus of synergy, authenticity and independence in our community.

What three skills are critical for the future executive that you hire for your organization?
The ability to listen, to differentiate managing styles and to know how important it is to be willing to do whatever they asked of others.

How does having an advanced degree benefit you and your clients?
My business degree benefits me because it has prepared me to run a business.
It benefits my clients, because I am more prepared to maintain my business

How do you utilize technology to benefit your organization?
I have an IT person that takes care of all of the things that I can’t. However,  I use technology for advertising, keeping my expenditures and revenue in order;  creating programming for my clients, and to keep my business organized.

Finish the sentences:
Team work is important because …  If delegated  properly, a team can be extremely effective and add great value. It takes a team to get it all done. A good  team can give you great feedback and make contributions  that will make your business even better.

The best way to recruit great talent is …
Through other great talent and/or recognizing new talent in people that are already in front of me.

Speaking a second language is important because …
The world is rapidly changing and to be able to speak languages such as spanish or chinese fluidly, would diversify my business even more.

What social media platforms do you engage in the most?
Facebook and Pinterest

What professional organizations do you support?
National Urban League
Let Us Make Man
The American Cancer Society

Describe your networking style.
My networking style focuses on being myself. I maintain my authenticity when I meet people and I love to listen more than talk. I find that I learn a lot more that way. I can usually learn something from just about anyone.

If you were giving a graduation speech to college students, what would the title of your speech be and give three reasons for that title.
“Find your own reasons why,” because I feel that we have domesticated our children as we have been and critical thinking is not encouraged as it should be due to the fear of losing control of them. I worked with students for 13 years and I have always encouraged them — as I do my own daughter — to do their own research. Know why you do what you do, and why you want what you want.

Name your two favorite vacation destinations to relax and recharge and explain why you like them.
Any clean beautiful, beach; I find water to be healing. And Jamaica.

What are you reading and what are your two favorite books?
I’m reading, Between the World and Me and The Coming.
My two favorite books are The Four Agreements and Perfect Peace.

Name three business leaders or political leaders who inspire you.
Oprah, John Lewis and Lisa Price

Favorite sports team and hobbies?
My favorite sports teams are the NY Giants and the Miami Heat. My hobbies are traveling; interior design; trying new restaurants  and scrapbooking.

Two favorite quotes that motivate you?
“ Everything you need to be successful is inside of you. There is no where you need to go, it’s right there.” Barbara L. King
“ Breathe, let go, and know that this moment is the only one that you have for sure.” Oprah Winfrey

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