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Father kills estranged wife, shoots kids

The Brown Family (Photo Credit: Chericia Brown/Facebook)

The Brown family (Photo credit: Chericia Brown/Facebook)

A story of a broken a family and domestic abuse has ended tragically in a triple murder and suicide. Henry Ramone Brown, 30, had a history of domestic violence and this past Sunday he made good on his threat to kill his wife if she ever took his children away from home. Police stated that Chericia Brown, 31, had just finished dining with friends at a local Chili’s restaurant in Altamonte Springs, Florida. As she returned to her car, her husband was hiding in her trunk and jumped out, stabbing the mother of two. Two people witnessed the attack and came running out of the restaurant to render aid to Chericia when her estranged husband jumped behind the wheel of his car and ran over his wife and the good Samaritans.

But Brown was not finished with spree of terror, he went to an apartment where his two children, ages 1 and 4 were being taken care of by a babysitter. He took the kids and then fled the apartment and headed to a local hospital where his wife was being treated for her injuries. Police had issue a BOLO alert for Brown and the children when he suddenly arrived in the emergency room of Central Florida Regional Hospital, looking for his wife. When confronted by police Brown pulled a weapon and began shooting inside the hospital, fortunately no one was injured and he fled the scene. Police gave chase and were able to force the vehicle to stop and ordered Brown to lay down is weapon and surrender. Instead Brown shot himself and died at the scene. When police looked inside his car they found the bullet-riddled bodies of his two children he had killed after picking them up. His estranged wife died of her injuries at the hospital and the two people he ran over are in serious condition


  1. FuZ on April 20, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    There’s a certain type of evil that exists.

  2. cupcake333 on April 20, 2016 at 11:09 pm

    THIS IS the devil at work , as sure as you can pray and see the power of god… you can not pray and be a victime of satin .. anyone could have been hit with this evil wave of terrior , the devil is a form ., when he enters your mind he tells you to hate dispise , be jealous , vindictive , hate , anger at other people you can not control this man wanted to control this lady and he could not .. she was not understanding the devil comes to take not love and honor ., i know she hate the day she decide to go back to him .. he was very evil .. he killed those kids cause he was so evil he could not see them having a life without him dictating them prison wasnt good enough because he came to destroy yall the devil does just this destroy .. i ask god to send me signs of evil people will do anything to get ahead out here just what ever they can …. i really do not believe anyone can be this evil i just refuse to believe it knowing its true