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Are you dating or married to a momma’s boy?

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Are you married to or dating a momma’s boy? Do you feel like his mother is the No. 1 lady in his life? Ladies, keep in mind that it is natural for a man to love his mother, as she is the first woman to have that bond with her son, so dating or marrying a man who loves and respects his mother is a beautiful thing. And, there is nothing wrong with a man who has a healthy mother-son relationship, but a momma’s boy can be very problematic — especially if he is the only son. However, if you’ve been fortunate enough to not have experienced a momma’s boy, please consider yourself lucky. But, if you think you may have a momma’s boy on your hands, take note of these telltale signs.

He can’t buy anything without discussing it with his mother, first. Nowhere in your wedding vows or your relationship does it include his momma, so why is she involved in your purchases, especially when her name is not on your accounts? He reaches out to his mother before having any financial discussions with you. In case you are not aware, finances are already an issue in any relationship (married or otherwise), but when you add his momma — get ready for a battle. She can always come up with a reason you don’t need to spend her son’s money.

She is still babying him. You don’t even stand a chance when her baby is sick. Before you can get home from work or come over — she has packed her bag and is at your or his home — babying him.  She is feeding him soup, wiping off his mouth and talking to him in baby talk, while at the same time telling you that she’s the only one that knows how to make her son feel better. And ladies, he is enjoying it and does not open his mouth to say otherwise.

He cannot think for himself. There is nothing wrong with him reaching out to his mom for advice and then making his own decisions. However, when he cannot think for himself and his mom is making decisions for your livelihood, than she is again controlling his/your life.

He is no longer with his ex because of his mom. If he is no longer dating his ex because his mom did not think that she was good enough, he is probably a momma’s boy.

He thinks you look like his mom. He only dates women who bear a resemblance to his mother and God forbid you dress like her or have her mannerisms, because he may slip up and call you Momma.

He runs to his momma after a disagreement. He will always run to momma when the two of you have a disagreement or fight for comforting and to confide in her.

She fights his battles. Your man is in a leadership position at work, but when he has a bad day, he calls his momma and whines to her. Now, she feels the need to call his job or may even make an in-person visit to tell his colleagues to leave her baby alone and threatens to come back to the office, if anyone bothers him again.

She is invited out on your date nights. If your man invites his mom out on your date nights, then clearly he is not trying to have a life with you — because you are now the third wheel and he is having more fun with his momma than you.

He allows her to try to control you. If he is allowing his momma to tell you how to dress, how to wear your hair or how to spend your hard-earned money and never speaks up or is always in agreement with her, because he thinks that she is perfect, than he is definitely a momma’s boy.

Ladies, a momma’s boy is the not the worst type of man to date, as they are typically good to women that his momma likes.  However, in my opinion, the bad outweighs the good — as his momma will always try to control you, will always be in your business, will always tell him what to do, and you will never be first.  Who has time for that foolishness? So ladies, if your man exudes these signs, just cut your losses and move on.

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