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PhaShunta Hubert shares tips for branding through blogging and social media


PhaShunta Hubert (Photo credit: DDS Productions)

Phashunta “MissPhashunta” Hubert is a celebrity correspondent, writer, and owner of, which is an online portal for everything aligned to what’s taking place in the music and entertainment world today.

She built her brand from the ground up, starting in October of 2013 by interviewing local artists in Detroit, then elevated her professional reach by interviewing Mona Scott Young, Keke Palmer and Justine Skye, and also legends such as Rev. Al Sharpton and Pattie Labelle. She learned how to market herself, promote her brand, and at the age of 22, she is being mentioned among the likes of XO Necole (formally Necole Bitchie), and Karen Civil.

Due to her personal success in her field, Hubert shared four tips on branding and marketing yourself in the digital sphere:

1. Logo over everything – Do some soul searching and define your brand.

2. Practice originality – Don’t try to mimic other brands.

3. Kill all fear – Don’t let it get to you! Be bold! Be daring!

4. Network like a mastermind – Get connected with professionals in your field.

Recently, Hubert introduced a T-shirt line that caters to women who aren’t held down by stereotypes and preconceived notions that society tends to showcase.

“My new collection of t-shirts is inspired by how women are stereotyped because of their gender. We have been put into a box and labeled as women who are limited to certain things. I have witnessed this based on personal experience and I wanted to wear how I truly feel. We don’t have to limit ourselves, ‘play’ housewife with no ring, or work particular jobs because society tells us to. This collection of t-shirts is made for all ages, super trendy and made for us girl bosses,” she said. –andre j. ellington

Contact: Instagram and Twitter: @missphashunta


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