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Hot 107.9’s DJ Reec talks radio life and more

Hot 107.9’s DJ Reec talks radio life and more
Photo credit: Dana Williams for Steed Media Service

The new man on campus, mid-day radio disc jockey Reec is blazing the Atlanta airways on Hot 107.9, which is one of the top hip-hop stations in the nation. Reec’s unique style and swagger have landed him multiple endorsements deals like Nike, Red Bull and Converse. Although Reec has made quite a name for himself, many might not be aware of his strong passion for community service and philanthropy. Reec has made a difference in many underprivileged children’s lives and has even been recognized for his efforts by the NAACP. Check out the interview as he sat down with rolling out to talk more about his career.

How did you get involved in the radio industry?

I was introduced to the radio industry by doing music. I actually wrote some songs and had some releases that got charted on the top 10 Billboard’s hip-hop singles list. It stretched for about 48 weeks. This was when Chris Brown was coming out; Music Soulchild was pretty big as well. From there, we started to do radio interviews all over and people kept asking me if I ever thought about doing radio myself. At the time I didn’t think twice about it, but as I observed these radio interviews; it really got me thinking “hey you can really talk and can do this.” So I guess that’s where it kind of all started.

Name your most memorable celebrity interviews.

First, Naughty by Nature, because I’m from New Jersey; they were from the same neighborhood I was from. Even though I traveled a lot when I was younger, in total I moved to nine different elementary schools. But I landed in New Jersey with my father and grew up not too far away from the same ‘hood Naughty by Nature grew up in. So, to see them then [and] seeing them at the time they came to interview with me was a huge deal for me. That group was one of my inspirations to start writing music then. Also, Rick Ross was a good interview. At the time he was my first major artist I interviewed when I landed a major day part on air.

Hot 107.9’s DJ Reec talks radio life and more
Photo credit: Dana Williams for Steed Media Service

Tell us more about your organization, Positive American Youth.

I love for kids to see what I’m doing. A lot of kids just see the glitz and glamour of me with celebrities and at the radio station having fun. But, I like how they also see me reading to kids in the neighborhood, passing out groceries and giving away toys. I just want people to see that and become inspired to do something else. [It’s great] seeing someone you think is cool or has an influence; [who] ends up doing things that’s bigger than them. That’s what it’s all about, inspiring others to positive things.

PAYUSA’s main goal is to always go after the deed. We’re trying to make sure the family is healthy as well, because that helps to cultivate a healthy child. So, right now we’re doing programs where we do qualify people to get free groceries. Also, youth literacy, I try to engage celebs to come and help promote kids to read as early as possible. Lastly, we do have programs to try to keep out of trouble.

Let’s talk about your role on “Rickey Smiley For Real.”

I just enjoy the fact that it’s reality. I’m able to play myself and it’s a really positive experience.

Tune in to Reec Monday – Saturday 10 2 p.m. To learn more about PAYUSA, please visit 

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