Conversations with Kelly Price – 365 Black Awards gold carpet

Kelly Price and her son - Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media
Kelly Price and her son – Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media

It was such a joy to see Kelly Price looking so fabulous on the gold carpet accompanied by a young man. No Price was not being a cougar; she was being accompanied by her young, all grown up son. The one thing I had to ask Price after seeing her episode of “Unsung” is, “How does someone with a voice like yours go on a 10-year hiatus?

Price explained, “It was just one of those time periods where things were changing in the industry and I decided I needed to take a break if I could not be my authentic self. If I couldn’t feel what I was singing; I felt neither did other people. I needed to go raise my son, be a mom and just take a break from it all. The music scene was changing, a different sound was arising with hip hop and they tried to get me to switch things up but the one thing is I will never let anybody control me.

Kelly Price was so elated to speak about her new show she will soon be casting for “Too Fat For Fame.” Now, I totally understand why this show is so important for Kelly Price to produce. She was a victim of the music industry as an overweight artist with a beautiful voice faced with the dilemmas of the record labels not knowing what category to put her in. Price was no stranger to hearing the word “no” on her musical journey. Fortunately for Price, she finally got an industry break when she got a  “yes” and a phone call from Ron Isley and R. Kelly. This made a world of difference to Price’s career and now she wants to be the answer to budding aspiring singers faced with weight issues.

Check out my video conversation with Kelly Price and find out why she was so honored to present Toni Braxton with her award at the 365 Black Awards in New Orleans, after the break.

Jonell Whitt
Jonell Whitt

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