Trap Beckham talks ‘Birthday Chick’ and signing to Def Jam

trap beckham

Trap Beckham is well on his way to success. Don’t let his name fool you, his music is indeed different from traditional “trap” music. His latest single “Birthday Chick” has become a smash hit in the South and is continuing to spread from coast to coast.

In 2012, Trap Beckham’s name began gathering buzz when he debuted his smash single, “Top of the Line.” Since then, the Florida native has reached new heights after signing to Def Jam. We had a chance to talk with Trap Beckham to find out how life has changed since he signed to a major record label and the inspiration behind his music.

You grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, where did you get the name Trap Beckham and how do you feel about trap music?  

Well, my real name is Travis. At 14, that’s where I got my name Trap Beckham because I was from the ‘hood. I feel that my name is a new definition of trap, which makes me a different breed. As far as the name “The Golden Boy of the Hood,” it came from a kid that my ‘hood always believed in and knew that I would prosper. I always knew that as long as I was doing my thing, the ‘hood [would] take care of me.

You say that your music has its own certain magic when you make your own tracks, but what sets you apart from other rappers in the game?

My music is versatile. The style of my music varies, but I make it into my own. With rappers nowadays, it seems like they could drop a hot single and then not be relevant anymore. I feel that I could do the same thing, but make more hits. It’s like some rappers get hot after a big single, but then a year later, they disappear and fall off. I feel that I can be better than that.

Your single, “Birthday Chick,” what was the inspiration for it? 

[There’s] always a girl celebrating her birthday in the club. I wanted to give that club beat for the ladies when it’s their birthday. I just finished shooting the video for the song and I have also seen videos [on social media] of people dancing to the song. It’s nothing but love.

What was it like signing to Def Jam and having them believe in you versus signing to another record label?

It was a blessing and dream come true. When I was in L.A., they were like where have you been? When I finished shooting the video for “Birthday Chick,” it didn’t hit me until we finished [that I] knew that this was a real blessing. Being on a label with Jay Z and Kanye West, I know that I am 20 steps closer to meeting them someday. I also knew that this was an opportunity to finally take care of my family and people who never turned their backs on me.

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