Sibling inventors create must-have, innovative travel pillow; give solid advice

Anthony and Candace Williams (courtesy photo)
Anthony and Candace Williams (courtesy photo)

We’ve all know the feeling of dread on a long haul flight cramped in coach class. The Journey Pillow is a premium travel pillow whose unique design attaches to your seatbelt or waistband. Created to make long trips more bearable; the pillow makes it possible to rest comfortably while sitting up. It can be used on a plane or other modes of transportation.

“We are excited about the impact Journey Pillow will have on the travel industry. This product will revolutionize travel by eliminating the desire for preferred seating,” says neurophysiologist and CEO of Journey Pillow, Anthony Williams.

Williams and his co-founders, all avid travelers, including his sister Candace, have been working to find a miracle cure for sleepless flights for the last two years. Retailing at $40, The Journey Pillow is a compact U-shaped travel pillow, weighing a mere 0.9 pounds, whose features include: memory foam, velour casing, and non-slip clips.

“By allowing your neck to stay in alignment anywhere you sleep, the Journey Pillow helps travelers realize the health benefits of adequate sleep,” Williams says.”The Journey Pillow was designed to provide all passengers in any plane or vehicle a comfortable travel experience. The challenges presented while traveling are frequent and unpredictable, often times prolonging your estimated arrival time. We have not yet mastered how to eliminate those variables; however, we have mastered the support and comfort your neck needs to enjoy deep sleep. We know from personal experience, how uncomfortable travel accommodations can be. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to life’s crazy journey: with more comfort, more support, and more sleep.”

Read what Williams has to say about the must-have Journey Pillow.

What was the impetus behind the Journey Pillow?
The inspiration behind the Journey Pillow was the need for a travel pillow that really worked. We wanted to make a pillow that provided personalized adjustable support and provide a first class experience for all passengers

Journey Pillow
Journey Pillow (courtesy)

Tell us a little about yourself and how got started as an inventor?
I am a clinical neurophysiologist and Candace is an Industrial engineer. We put our two skill sets together and made this great invention.

What is the first thing a new inventor should consider?
The trend in the market is that we see more and more millennials traveling and there is a need for a travel pillow that actually works.

Who is your biggest competitor?
Our biggest competitor is the standard C-shaped pillow and the Evolution pillow.

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