How a Black man who called 911 for help died after being beaten by police

via family of Tawon Boyd

A Black man in Baltimore County, Maryland, asked for police help, but eventually became the latest unarmed person to lose his life to those who are paid to protect and serve. According to the Baltimore Sun, the incident occurred after Tawon Boyd, 21, called 911 because he needed an ambulance.

Boyd, who was possibly experiencing a mental breakdown, told police that his fiancée got him drunk and was secretly recording him. He also asked the police officers to go inside his home because he believed someone strange was inside. Moments later, Boyd attempted to get inside a police car and ran to his neighbor’s home and yelled at them to call the police.

Police officers eventually attempted to control Boyd by using violence. One officer, reportedly officer Bowman of Baltimore County Police, punched Boyd in the face twice. Boyd was then slammed to the ground and choked by officers. Boyd’s fiancée, Deona Styron, said he yelled that he couldn’t breathe and began foaming at the mouth. He soon fell unconscious and his body went limp. Paramedics checked his pulse and rushed him to the hospital. Boyd’s brain began to swell and his kidneys failed. Days after his initial scuffle with police, Boyd died in the hospital.

Boyd’s death occurred while the police killings of Keith Lamont Scott and Terence Crutcher gained national attention. All three men were killed by police in situations that did not have to result in violence. Boyd needed medical attention, there wasn’t a need a for police to use excessive force to restrain a person who was having mental problems. But it proves, again, how police across the nation lack proper training when it comes to dealing with those who have mental issues. Also, there are numerous racist sociopaths who are paid by taxpayers to protect and serve. Until the government passes legislation that will severely impact police who are brutal, this epidemic will continue.

The officers who were involved in Boyd’s arrest have yet to face charges or punishment by the department.

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