Self-promotion tips to build your brand

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Photo credit: WAYHOME studio /

Whether you are an entrepreneur or corporate hustler, we all have to learn the art of self-promotion. Kanye West, Beyonce, P. Diddy, Rihanna, and DJ Khaled are self-promoting themselves at any given moment. They promote themselves just as much as they are promoting their music.

You need to be able to present your product or service in the best way possible without coming off as a corn, self-serving, and lame. Oh yeah, and without selling yourself out. Here are 5 tips for self-promotion that allow you to be you, remain true, and keep your dignity and self-respect.

Be Ready to Own It

Taking action, and being a go-getter are traits that entrepreneurs have. This is a good thing but you have to be cautious of going all in on ideas before thinking everything through.

Do you really believe in the product, service or idea that you have? Before you start self-promoting make sure that you believe in what you are doing. There is a difference between something that you find cool, or interesting for the time being, and something that you truly believe in.

Will it interest you for about a week, or are you ready to live and breath life into it? Are you ready for your name and reputation to be a part of it? If you don’t believe in what you are doing why should anyone else?

Listen For Problems First. Then Seek Opportunities

Instead of waiting for an opening to pitch your product or service onto someone, listen for people’s problems. If you can discover what they are having problems with then you can see how your idea, product, or service can be of value to them.

Don’t be the self-promoter that is always looking for an opening to sell or fit your product into a conversation. Everyone loves to have a problem solved. Nobody enjoys being promoted to.

Remain True

Don’t try to be something you’re not. If you are not naturally charming, or outgoing don’t try to fake it. Always promote who you are, what you stand for, and what you are all about.

When you try to become something you aren’t, you tend to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. This usually ends up coming off as insincere, and disrespectful.

No One Owes You Anything

Get rid of your sense of entitlement. You aren’t entitled to anything. Just because they are your friends and family doesn’t mean that they will love your idea. The world isn’t obligated to like and embrace your idea because you put a lot of work into it.

Everything must be earned. Attention and rewards must be earned, so don’t go around acting like people owe you something.

Value First

Clearly state the value in what you are promoting before telling people what they have to do in order to receive it. Your goal should be to get people to buy in before telling them what they have to do.

We see this every day with different reward offers in department stores, airlines, and credit cards. You are at the checkout counter and the salesperson asks if you would like to fill out a form with your name, e-mail, and telephone number. After asking you to fill out the form, they finally say you will receive discounts on future purchases. This is totally backwards. By the time you tell people about the discounts, most have already said no. Start by showing how your product or service can provide value before asking them to jump on board.

In order for our products, achievements, or brand to be seen or heard we all have to self-promote. Being genuine, listening first, and owning your idea, product or service will lead to great self-promoting results.

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