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Lena Huggar on becoming ‘Wifey’ and how women can balance love and business

October 18, 2016   |  

Alaina Nicole

Alaina Nicole

RL and Lena Huggar - love, wedding story

Photo credit: India Albritton – madeinindya Photography

The long, white train flowed behind Lena Danielle as she made her way down the aisle to the man of her dreams. Balancing a busy business and life with Robert “RL” Lavelle Huggar, lead singer of the ’90s group Next, is no easy task. But surrounded by her loved ones, she finally said “I do” to the man that told her he would marry her when they first met in 2006.

As an entrepreneur, businesswoman, Atlanta socialite and mommy-to-be, Lena has been able to keep a healthy and glowing love life with RL. Rolling out caught up with the beautiful newlywed to discuss her wedding and how to balance love and business for entrepreneurs.

How did you meet RL?

In 2005, I lived in New Orleans and had to relocate to Atlanta due to Hurricane Katrina. At the time, RL had also just relocated. One day, I was doing some work for my cousin and had to go to the studio that RL happened to be at. Even back then, he told me he was going to marry me but I was in a very serious relationship at the time. In 2008 and newly single, I happened to get in touch with him for an event and he asked to meet with me. A few weeks later I ended up picking him up from the airport and he immediately wanted to be in a relationship. I took the chance and I’m so glad I did.

RL and Lena Huggar - love, wedding

Photo credit: India Albritton – madeinindya Photography

We know you have some amazing businesses in fashion. What made you decide to pursue your passions?

I’ve always loved fashion so I started my jewelry line ‘Sleeve’ in 2010. The beautiful beaded bracelets were meant to be stacked, resembling a sleeve tattoo on your arm. Inspired by the breathtaking jewelry in other countries, I wanted the bracelets to be gold and silver plated. They become really popular and received a lot of attention. I still do the business as a passion project for people and brands that I’m really connected to. I also am running a fashion line that keeps me busy.

Between managing your successful clothing line to attending the hottest events in Atlanta, how do you balance a busy schedule with love?

I believe you have to center yourself. Family always comes first so I try to manage my time enough to still do home-cooked meals and fun things. I’m very much a ‘yes’ person but my relationship has taught me how to become a “yes, but this is when I can do it” person. I always make sure to schedule around my family’s needs and that has truly worked for me.

What advice do you have to a businesswoman that may be discouraged in finding love?

Never give up who you are. Continue to go for those big dreams but have faith that the right one will come into your life. So many times we stress about being in a relationship when we are grinding so hard. You have to stop looking and learn to enjoy the world around you. Love will come find you if you let go and live.

RL and Lena Huggar - wedding, love

Photo credit: India Albritton – madeinindya Photography

So we have to ask, did you dance to Wifey?

Yes, but I promise it wasn’t planned. My bridesmaids performed this cute cheer that spelled out our last name. At the end, they asked the DJ to drop a beat. “Wifey” starts playing and RL and the group go out there and does some of the routines. It turned into this big dance battle and was so perfect and natural.

Congrats to the Huggars for a gorgeous wedding and marriage. We wish you love, happiness and success! To keep up with Lena Huggar, check her out at @lenahuggs and her website.

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