Writer Reyna Biddy reads excerpt from her book, ‘I Love My Love’

After three successful broadcasts on rolling out magazine’s #HumpDay live stream segment, Reyna Biddy has effectively impacted more than 42,000 people and directly communicated to hundreds of women around the world, continuing to give insight about love and relationships to everyone she connects with. In this week’s segment the 22-year-old phenom opens up about a moment in her life when caring about herself or anyone else just didn’t matter. Read below:.

“Before I wrote Eloquence I went through a period of not caring and being very ruthless with what I was doing to myself and others. I went through a period where I didn’t care about anything. I just did what I wanted, and whatever the result was from that. I was willing to face the consequences,” says Biddy referencing page 47 in her book titled I Love My Love.

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Listen to Biddy’s work on Soundcloud and download her new album and book I Love My Love on iTunes, Amazon, and available streaming everywhere.

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