Has Tamar Braxton ended her friendship with Tiny?

Photo Credit: Instagram - @tamarbraxtonher
Photo Credit: Instagram – @tamarbraxtonher

Tamar Braxton’s personal life has been wrought with drama this past year, as she’s ended friendships with several celebrity friends, most notably all of her friendships with her former cast mates on “The Real,” all of whom she dismissed after she was fired from the show. Well, now it looks like Braxton has cut off yet another celebrity friendship and this time it looks like it’s with her longtime friend Tiny.

According to reports, sources claim Braxton decided to unfollow Tiny on Instagram after the “Family Hustle” star made a post about their mutual friend Monica guest hosting on “The Real” this month.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @majorgirl
Photo Credit: Instagram – @majorgirl

Shortly after Tiny made the post, some fans realized that Braxton had decided to unfollow her friend. Some fans even called Braxton out on the decision, prompting the “Braxton Family Values” singer to respond and hint that there is indeed bad blood between her and Tiny.

“I find it real disgusting that you unfollowed Tiny for congratulating Monica on being on the real ma nobody is checking for you that’s why you got cut and oh HAPPY TURKEY DAY,” wrote one non-fan.

“I find it funny that you have NO idea as to what you’re talking about! Ask TINY why I unfollowed her. Don’t make an a– out of yourself today….at the a– part of the of the turkey after all it is thanksgiving,” Braxton replied.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Braxton has revealed she’s unfollowed or ended a friendship with someone after they appeared on “The Real.”

Last month, Toya Wright explained that she and Braxton had a falling out after Braxton unfriended her online for appearing on “The Real” after Braxton was fired from the daytime talk show.

“When I leave the next day, it’s like all this stuff in the media. … I’m like ‘Is this real?’ I wasn’t going on the show to take her job. One thing about me, my loyalty has never been questioned … I don’t compete with my friends. I don’t hate on my friends. I want all my friends to win. Anything you’re doing I’m going to support,” Wright said.

Well, it’s looking like deja vu with the way Braxton seemingly ended another friendship. What do you think of the drama? Let us know in the comments.

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