Kandis El helping kids learn and play with Our Little Big World

Photo courtesy of Kandis K
Photo courtesy of Kandis El

Kandis El is the owner of Our Little Big World paint and play gallery in Ferndale, Michigan.

“Our Little Big World’s mission is to provide an enriched, open environment for families and children to come and congregate, engage in creative activities and to indulge in similar amenities that suburban cities have which metro Detroit does not,” she says.

Read on for what else she had to say.

Please describe your leadership style as CEO.

I believe in the strength of establishing a strong rapport in my communities. As a leader, I realize teams are also an essential role when it comes to delegating a task. As a CEO, I have ultimately realized it is imperative that developing a strong relationship with my customers and my employees allows my company to flourish. My CEO style allows me to run a stable environment that has an inviting atmosphere, which is open to other businesses in the pursuit of building alliances that could potentially prove to be successful and lucrative.

What is your mission statement?

For my life, I would say I am destined to live in my purpose. I want to be able to uplift humanity and show people that they can achieve the unachievable, by willing my power to be directed by the force of God, I plan to use these strengths to intertwine with the world.

What three skill sets are critical for the future executive that you hire for your organization?

Organized, innovative and ready to grind.

How does having an advanced degree benefit you and your clients?

I have an MSA degree in leadership, which allows me to develop the proper teams to successfully execute our plans and goals. It also plays a large role in my ability to teach our youth how to effectively communicate, ultimately developing childhood cognitive advancement.

How do you utilize technology to benefit your organization?

Social media plays a major role in making our communities aware of what we do, who we are and how we are successfully implementing programs for the modern-day child. We also have our website, which advertises our history and background, allowing us to build a much stronger clientele each year.

Finish the sentences:

Teamwork is important because … teamwork makes the dream work! We live in a competitive world, where we would rather compete rather than support one another.

The best way to recruit great talent is … seek what you are looking for and make that announcement in environments where the mindset of this person may dwell.

Speaking a second language is important because … the world is not just about “our culture” and being able to speak other languages will allow you to pursue your purpose on a broader scale. The ability to speak other languages advances our community. It will allow you to access opportunities with [fewer] boundaries.

What social media platforms do you engage in the most?

Facebook and Instagram

What professional organizations do you support?

■ Moorish Science Temple of America Inc.

■ Pure Heart Foundation

■ Detroit Recovery Project

Describe your networking style.

I am friendly and I am always open and inviting. I ask everyone around me, how can we collaborate and grow. When I find out how I can be a benefit to them and vice versa. I try to make and keep that connection.

If you were giving a graduation speech to college students what would the title of your speech be and give three reasons for that title?

“Use Your Power to Seize What’s Yours”

–You have to understand you have the power to achieve and obtain anything.

–No one is going to give you anything; you have to work for it. You have to take chances and risk and cease all opportunities.

–When you use your power, do good with it. It’s enough bad in the world, so learn to do good and be good.

Name your two favorite vacation destinations to relax and recharge and explain why you enjoy them.

–China, to understand and witness their politics behind business and trade. Being in fast paced environments always recharges me gives me ideas motivates me .

–Spiritual retreat, that could be anywhere with hot with sand and clear water .. this type of environment would allow me to relax and replenish my soul. Meditate on my thoughts contemplate my frame. A place where there’s no technology and I will be able to connect with my true self.

What are you reading and what are your two favorite books?

–My Holy Koran of the MSTofA is what I read daily and it’s my favorite because it gives me divine instructions on how to govern my thoughts and my actions day in and day out.

The Flip by Sabrina Peterson, her book is confirmation on things that cross my mind but I never quite get done.

Name three business leaders or political leaders who inspire you.

–Business leaders: Dan Gilbert because he played a cold game of monopoly in Detroit and I admire it. Kim Kardashian, she has branded every aspect of her life down to how she changes a diaper, it must be something said about a woman who makes millions to exist. And Oprah Winfrey. I mean it’s Oprah!! As they say, no caption needed.

–Political leaders: The Obamas because their style grace and family strength are what our culture is missing, power couples. Marcus Garvey because fresh out of slavery he was teaching our people to obtain their own and to return to the mindset of kings and queens. Coleman A. Young because he was the mayor of Detroit for 30 years and he tried to make sure our people were able to have their own.

Favorite sports team and hobbies?

I’m not a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy a good game.

My hobbies include being an entrepreneur and a mother and wife.

Two favorite quotes that motivate you?

“Work is only done by those that do the work.”

“We are creators and we create our own.”

“Up you mighty race and accomplish what you will.”

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