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Did OJ Simpson take fall from grace to protect his son from murder conviction?

The Dr. Oz Show takes an all-new shocking new look into the most notorious murder case of the 20th century and challenge everything you think you know about the trial of whether you think he did it or not.

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  1. britishrose on February 26, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    if u notice jason left country for years or he would have been ask to interview which he would have been stuck .. he was suspect one and oj was told by johnny cockran tha JASON WOULD GET DEATH IF CONVICTED AND since he is a celebrity and was a ex spouse he would get just prison time prosecutor knew case was weak against oj but tried it anyhow .. he was gonna walk . . jason was sleeping with nicole also and he knew ron goldman personally , he carried a knife kit cause he was a culnary chef .and knew how to use knifes perfectly oj did not jason ran thru alley reason ojay took kato to macdonald cause kato heard the noise . before the macdonald trip . and i made a deal with oj to keep secret kato disposed of knife for oj and will never say this cause he would be an accomplish .. hard choice but he was a friend not just a quest ANEL HIS DAUGHTER HIDE ALL CLOTHE JASON WORE AND OJ GAVE JASON A RIDE TO HIS CAR JASON CAR WAS NEVER CHECKED .. HE SOLD IT WEEKS LATER .. JASON CAN STILL BE TRIED.