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Jacob York and ‘We The People’ movement reveal how to force political change


Photo: Jacob York

Jacob York is one of the most influential figures in hip-hop and entertainment. For over two decades, he has remained an active leader in music, film and TV.

York also seeks to educate the youth on the political process with the We The People Movement. With the recent election of Donald Trump, York wants young people to understand that the process of electing leaders must start at a local level.

“[We the People] is not designed as a Democratic or Republican group,” York said. “It focuses on the education of the youth on the importance of local elections. Some people vote every four years for president and they expect change. Then all of sudden, we get Donald Trump. We have to explain to them the importance of local elections. The Congress, judges, district attorneys, and sheriffs are locally elected. If they don’t vote, they can’t be a part of the process for change.”

The We The People movement will also apply pressure on local officials and President Trump.

“If you are looking for reform, you have to get involved in the process,” York said. “A lot of people don’t get involved in the process. We want to galvanize the people. We are organizing and ready for actions. We will oppose anything that violates what represents the values of this country. We are for equality. We are going to fight against anything that violates our Constitution. We will create programs that will educate kids.”

York also shared how economics and employment can be impacted by those who are empowered on a local level.

“When you look for economic reform, it’s important to vote for people who are in your city,” he said. “The government can be involved in the minimum wage, but you getting a job in your city is not a federal thing. It’s about what your city is doing. You have to be involved in the process. We’re taught to vote, but not why to vote. There are 50 small countries called states put together in this country which makes the United States. State’s rights are what people have to understand.”

York understands that politicians are only as powerful as those who vote them into their positions.

“Politicians have to be popular to keep getting elected,” he said. “It’s important for us that Donald Trump knows that we don’t like what he stands for. We will stand and let him know. We will continue to empower people.”

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