Ming Lee, founder of Snob Life


Photo source: Instagram @iamminglee

Queen of the bodacious bundles, Ming Lee originally invested $500 into hair to simply make a few extra dollars; little did she know it would become an investment that turned into a multimillion-dollar business. Wanting to go from hair stylist to business owner, she stepped out on faith and put down a deposit on her Snob Life Studio, not even knowing how she’d pay for it in the future. However, a social media marketing campaign would change her life forever. Lee already had a social media presence and used it to her advantage to market and sell her product. One day, right before she was supposed to announce an impending birthday sale, she posted this message:


Photo source: Instagram @iamminglee

Her followers went berserk trying to figure out who was responsible. And right before things got too out of hand she dropped this video:

It was all a marketing strategy! The campaign went viral and she made $180,000 in 11 hours. At this moment, Ming realized her hustle had turned into a legit business. Ming has set the bar high for entrepreneurs using social media for marketing. Coupled with the fact she delivers an amazing product and is constantly extending her reach into the industry with new ventures, it’s no wonder she’s considered a “go-to” business. You can support Snob Life here.

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