D.L. Hughley blasts Trump for Syrian air strike

Photo Credit: Twitter – @RealDLHughley
Photo credit: Twitter – @RealDLHughley

The world was surprised this week when President Trump confirmed that he had authorized a military air strike against a Syrian government airbase in response to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that killed dozens of people earlier in the week. Since the U.S. missile strike, numerous citizens and celebs alike have been weighing in on what many call a grave and malicious mistake on the president’s part. Now, famed comedian D.L. Hughley is weighing in on the matter and calling Trump a hypocrite.

In an interview with the paparazzi, Hughley explained that he thinks it’s “ironic” that Trump is ordering missile air strikes and that Trump is just following in a long line of other politicians who benefit from attacking “poor Brown people.”

“But I think nothing’s more American than bombing poor Brown people and I think it’s ironic that Syrians have been dying for years and there have been several that have been killed in chemical attacks since he became president,” Hughley said, expressing suspicion of Trump. “And all of a sudden these are the ones that you wanna …”

According to Hughley, Trump’s motivation for ordering the attack was to raise his approval rating with mainstream White America.

“This is all about him having poor ratings, his poll numbers were poor, he was losing the faith of the American people and nothing instills faith in the American people like bombing poor Brown people. To me, if you support the bombing of Syria but you also supported the banning of those Syrian refugees you’re a f—ing hypocrite,” Hughley explained.

The comedian was then asked about Trump’s comments on Obama’s previous stance on Syrian refugees.

“Obama wanted to be compassionate and let them in. Trump’s compassion is delivered at the tip of a cruise missile. To me, if you’re only willing to open your arsenals and not your borders, what is the point?” Hughley explained.

Hughley then pondered the death toll of Syrian citizens who might have survived the Syrian chemical attacks had Trumped opened America’s borders to them.

“I wonder how many of those kids were on the list, the same list to be denied entry into the United States of America [who] are now dead by chemical attacks?” Hughley said.

What do you think of Hughley’s critique of Trump’s attack on Syria? Let us know in the comments.

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