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R&B icon Freddie Jackson preps new album, ‘Love Signals’

Freddie Jackson (Photo courtesy of Double XXposure)

R&B crooner Freddie Jackson is excited about his forthcoming album, Love Signals, and the direction of his music. Check out our conversation with the hit maker below.

What’s the inspiration behind your new single and upcoming album?

My new album, Love Signals tells it all. I wanted to create something that people can relate to in this day and time. There is so much of the opposite in the news and everywhere you look. I just felt we need to send each other more, Love Signals.

Has your creative process changed any over the years?

Yes and no. The truth is I have returned to my first and organic style of making music. When I first started I sang and made music because I simply loved it. Then somewhere on my journey I lost my way and that’s never a good thing. So with this album I was able to go back into the studio and love what I’m doing and without any other motivation. That feels great and I think its reflected in the music.

Do you find the digital era of making music more advantageous or a disadvantage to artists?

Well, this digital age is certainly working for the young artists. It comes naturally to them because it’s all they know. They’ve grown up with it. But me and some of my peers are still catching up. We’re getting there. Check out my IG.

What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve had to make to live a life in the spotlight?

Being in the spotlight requires you to often put others before yourself. Once you step out of the four walls of your home, you belong to the world. And you don’t always feel like being “on” and suppressing what’s really going on with you. But it’s a fair trade in my mind for allowing me to do what I love to do.

Of all that you have accomplished in your career, what was your proudest moment?

My absolute proudest moment was purchasing a home for my mother and handing her the keys. It felt like I was finally giving a piece back to her of what she had given to me my entire life.

Give your fans a few closing thoughts and let them know what’s next for you.

I just want to thank you all for even still caring about what I am doing. I am really excited about this new album and think you will be too.

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