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OJ Simpson caught violating prison sex rules, parole in jeopardy

O.J. Simpson (Image source: Los Angeles County Jail)

Former NFL star O.J. Simpson has been reportedly caught red-handed violating prison rules by a female corrections officer. According to The Daily Mail, Simpson was observed by the corrections officer masturbating in his prison cell which is against the rules.

Brook Keast, a public information officer for the Nevada Department of Corrections, said that an inmate masturbating in his cell can be considered a violation “if the officer believes the inmate’s actions were intentional.”

Because the “The Juice”  decided to self-juice, he may be in violation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003, a  federal law dealing with the sexual assault of prisoners.  In some states masturbation by prisoners is considered to be a sexual violation.

Keast went on to further state, “It’s up to the discretion of the correctional officer to decide the intent. If the officer believes the actions were intentional the inmate would be written up for MJ30 violation.

“A hearing would be held where the inmate will be given a chance to testify and tell his version of events. If found guilty by prison officials the severity of the punishment would vary depending on what prison officials believe the intentions of the violation were, It could range from something as a simple write-up to good time credited [sic] being taken away from the inmate. It depends on a lot of factors.”

Simpson has been a model prisoner since being jailed at the facility and reportedly firmly believed that he would be paroled at the age of 70. He is currently serving a 33-year prison sentence for armed robbery of sports memorabilia that he felt he owned.




  1. Paul on July 19, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    Let me get this straight. A prisoner (let’s ignore the fact that it’s OJ Simpson) could have his parole denied for masturbating in his cell? And masturbating is a violation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act?

    This is insane.

  2. Farooq Assad on July 19, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    He should’ve been given Fleece Johnson for a roommate. I have no sympathy for this murderer.

    • Negus Sage on July 22, 2017 at 11:45 am

      When was he convicted of murder? As far as I know he was proven innocent. Did he murder someone while he was in prison?

      • Farooq Assad on July 26, 2017 at 12:28 pm

        Playing the race card to confuse a jury doesn’t make you innocent. The evidence is pretty clear: he killed two people.

  3. Bellevance on July 20, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    Bogus, totally. His parole has been granted.

    • nosey rosy on July 30, 2017 at 7:08 pm

      i knew he would be paroled or they would not have televised it , like they didnt televise the last parole hearing ok ? they are so guilty of misjustice on this man ,, they decided to let the public know they care about pooor oj simpson lies .. oj need to sue the goverment for allow this unhuman miscarriage of justice even take place .. he was rail roaded set up to go to that hotel by his friends . they personnally got calls from big wigs to fool oj into comething there . and what about the stolen merchandise? wasnt somone suppose to go to jail for stole merchandise ? oj didnt even know they had his stuff . and they had the nerve to return all his items to him laugh white man justice i see

  4. nosey rosy on July 30, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    the hightest of inhumanity is to have even sentence this man , the proof that american justice is a lie, there is no such thing they just did a study . and al sharpton presented it on his talk show that , 75% of black men locked up is there cause they couldnt post a bond , they had no trial , and pleaded guilty on a lesser charge and proceeded in doing the time given .. they were never proven guilty .so that means if your not going to the grave your headed to jail for a long time . oj is proof that they will get you if they want you . even if that mean jeopardizing the constitutional rights of a person to get their personal items. oj said he didnt even know the man had a gun . so how you gonna charge him with a crime /? that is why the real killer of nicole brown got away karma is something knew you were gonna frame oj for those murders 23 years later all hell is breaking loose cause the public is horrified that oj was blamed and aquitted and still force to pay for the murders . there are men who actually did kill thier wives white rich men and they only got 10 years huhhhh? and oj was not even convicted and got 33 years cause whites felt bad for the goldman family? oj was not prejudice cause he married the botch . .so how do that make him an ovious killer? his son did those murders oj just took the rapp the jeep ride and all was a part of the plot to keep spot light off his son . but oj knew he could be exernorated he knew he wasnt getting no time in prison . but jason would have been on death row and his family oj mother and all would have been devastaed . it would literally have killed his mother so he staged a plann to be the possible killing knowing non of those flimsey evidents would lead to him .laugh LAPD feel for his trap . .and that is why they so madd at him .. at the least someone hired two men to pull this off i say jason did it and was ther to reason some blood was on oj shoes jason had on