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Charles Barkley says Blacks ‘make cops nervous’

Photo credit: Twitter – @SirCharlesonTNT

Very few people could have foreseen the dangers and ramifications of an unedited, unfiltered and unapologetic Charles Barkley speaking freely on issues of the day as a Hall of Fame player. That quality made him the most endearing player on the legendary Dream Team in 1992. It has helped him win Emmy Awards as an NBA analyst for “NBA on TNT.” However, it has emboldened him to make highly questionable, if not idiotic, statements when it comes to race and police brutality.

Barkley has been consistent in being an apologist for renegade, vindictive and lawless police officers gunning down and killing a stunning array of unarmed black men over the past several years — and Barkley says we are culpable for our own demise.

Barkley was a guest on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” Tuesday morning with Mike Golic and Will Cain. He held Black people accountable for their role in the oppression and bigotry they face.

“We’ve got to work out our relationships with the cops. We don’t want young Black men killed by the cops. But also, we’ve got to take some personal responsibility [for] all the Black-on-Black crime going on in our own community. The cops come in there. When they make mistakes, we need to hold them accountable. But also, we’ve got to understand [that when police] come in here, they’re nervous. They’re hyper. They’re gonna make some mistakes. That doesn’t excuse it, but we gotta take some personal responsibility.”

Barkley speaking out has another, more damaging consequence: he is viewed as a respected voice for Black people.

Barkley continued his anti-Black diatribe by repudiating perennial superstar Kevin Durant’s decision to stay home if the Golden State Warriors are invited to the White House.

“I think number one, you should visit the White House. It’s the president. It isn’t about the person, it’s about the office. That’s just my opinion. If you look back at the past we criticized guys who didn’t go. We can’t have a double standard,” he said.

What do you think about Barkley’s incendiary comments? Sound off below.



  1. James Howard on August 23, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    When are people of all races and ethnicities going to start taking responsibilities for this continuing racial divisiveness. And Barkley is right; if there wasn’t some sort law-enforcement, no matter how flawed black people would simply destroy each other, undisturbed.

    • Guest on August 24, 2017 at 8:34 am

      You make a comment about taking responsibility for continuing racial divisiveness, then proceed to make a racist statement lmao. The irony is I don’t even think you’re trolling or believe that your comment was racist.

  2. Country OVER Party on August 23, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    Barkley is holding Black people accountable for their role in the oppression and bigotry they face? Wrong Mr. Shropshire. How about Barkley is holding Black people accountable for their role regarding violence and how violence is handled within Black culture? At some point, the community has to look inward and say, what can we do better as a culture to better ourselves? Clearly, the voice from the Black community is that white people are to blame for every single thing that’s wrong and yet want white people to fix the issue. Come again?

    • britishrosee on August 23, 2017 at 4:05 pm

      crime in black neighborhoods been around , but never have cops just been able to enter a hood and start shooting at a black child playing in the park , or choke 2 men for selling cigarettes , even if we cleaned up black neighborhoods of crime , that will not stop the kkk agenda that has been around for years and year , when blacks were marching with martin luther for peace they hosed us down black men were not crowed in jails as they are now for selling marjuana? petty crimes . the cops planted drugs on a 3rd of the dope cases in prison . so they been sabataging for a long time . and they dont come into the black area to clean it up noooooo they come in to shoot someone to keep from investigating a suspision..
      if you suspect there is a dope house you get orders to search … you dont just see a man walking and think he is suspect then shoot him if he run??? or shoot a black man for holding a gun and it turns out to be a child playing ?? or choke a man for selling cigaretts cause he black and you dont wanna apprehend him ,cause that mean you might get beat down .
      cops are racist and scary too . scared cause they know they are racist and dont want to be beat down for their crime . they do fear black men cause they have wronged so many while wearing that badge they know one day .. it may end their own lives . …. scared of their own mistakes . nothing more . .so what your talking is stupid it aint bout no issues in our communitys the city can clean up these areas take the homeless in , and bring jobs in your never gonna stop the dope deallers and gangs unless you devise a plan to give them jobs and get them off the streets ..
      no black church or black group can do this . . . goverment state and city know the deal …. they know what has to be done ..reason trump appoint counsels to clean up black areas

      • Leslie Anne Cook Greene on August 27, 2017 at 8:37 am

        Plant drugs? Just on black people, huh? What a fool you are. The kill more white people than blacks. Most of time? They don’t have to PLANT drugs on most black people b/c they do have drugs on them. Or guns. So stop this cheap bullshit. Who the hell do you people think you are? I wish our forefather’s had not given the freed slaves an option to stay or go back to Africa, to a country the U.S, bought for them & poured millions into. What happened in the end? Same thing that happens to any nation run by black people: Corruption, greed, & violence. But go ahead and snivel. Poor negroids. Getting picked on by the police. Maybe when you learn to assimilate like every one else, things will change. 400 years, and you’re still a bunch of idiots & crybabies. With your hand out. CONSTANTLY.

        • Big boy on September 5, 2017 at 6:59 pm

          God said you will reap what you sow. I know u are unintelligent because of your comment. I also see the mark of the beast on your forehead. Hurricane on the coast recently was a warning sign that he is in charge. You speak of black people and slavery. Never happen. we are educated and chosen by god. Keep looking to the sky. You don’t have time to worry about black. Their are other nations out their that’s going to hit America real hard. Won’t be much left but the people of color. Thanks to you all for making us mentally and physically strong enough to endure. As I travel through the HEAVENS with my creator I see the change coming. Wait for it, wait for it.

  3. britishrosee on August 23, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    idiot with an agenda , who do he think he is mahamad ali??? barkley will go down in history as a nobody , with agenda against blacks his own race , he married white women cause he has an identity crisis . its an inner fear he has , of not being rich and having to have the same fears the rest of us have . if he was broke and on the streets his tune would change . cops were poor folks in trailer parks most come from troubled homes themselves , and to come in a black area judging and waving their guns and power is utmost shameful on american law .
    that kind of behavior is not based on demographics or politics its based on a horrid pass in our history where white men long for that type of power, to inslave control and demise us .
    the hate is real , and barkly is light skinned and a lengendary baller ,so he will never feel the hate we do for him to sit in his mansion anolylizing is the same as old azz racist sit in their nice houses judging .
    no all blacks aint rich , so are all whites not rich too . there are poor whites who kill all the time , raping children , killing their wives . scott peterson was not rich , drew peterson not rich . but they are murderers they so busy chaseing poor black men . they miss the real killers white males . which half of them are too .. notice there are not a lot of black cops in any city ? why is that? who want to work for an organization that has done nothing but disrespected our race .
    blacks who do become police are ashame of that badge , and just do it for the money . smh

    • Country OVER Party on August 23, 2017 at 7:05 pm

      Literally, Scott Peterson & Drew Peterson were arrested and convicted of their crimes. Soooo, I guess the white cops must’ve taken the day off of raping, killing, and harassing of perfectly behaved, well mannered and studious black people?

      • Heidibolson on August 24, 2017 at 1:17 am


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    • Leslie Anne Cook Greene on August 27, 2017 at 8:53 am

      God, what a liar you are. You sound like a chile, white people do it too. Uh, no they don’t. They don’t walk around in mobs, looking to attack people or rob people. They seem incapable of controlling themselves. White people don’t plan & go out in huge mobs to cause nothing but trouble. They don’t walk up & sucker punch people. They’re not destructive in any place they go. They’re not the ones beating up teachers. Their parents don’t come to the schools and punch principals in the face. They don’t encourage their kids to fight other people, like it’s a sport. Further, they’re not committing the majority of the crime. Black people are.
      Now, you want to admit that not all white people have white privilege? Telling us something we already know. Black people get followed in stores for good reasons. They’re stealing. Violent, disrespectful, etc…. Stop your cheap bullshit.

      • Big boy on September 5, 2017 at 7:05 pm

        You sound like a test tube baby. You are probably mad cause you can’t get laid by a black man. Its ok all your freinds are.

  4. Ken on August 24, 2017 at 9:18 am

    Cops make us a black people nervous,they the ones have the guns,Charles in my opinion is an idiot! And no one from The Warriors should go to the White House just saying

    • Leslie Anne Cook Greene on August 27, 2017 at 9:03 am

      Another lying negro. Black people that get shot usually have guns too. So stop your nonsense. You’re committing all the crime & destroying cities. Ya’ll can’t seem to locate trashcans. You whine about how you’re getting the shaft in your communities? Well, that’s b/c you keep voting for these corrupt black people. Where does the money go that’s allotted to the chocolate cities each year? Sure isn’t going into the communities, Africa is he same, Must be heritable.
      You people want to kill Tommy Sotomayor b/c he shows us what you black people are really about. Can’t fake the videos. You want him to hide what you’re doing to each other and the white, asian, & mexican people. To uplift black people. You’ve 400 years to uplift yourselves. But have made very little true attempts to truly love your brothers & sisters in America. What a shame. Think of all the people you’ll never meet. B/C why? The police are murdering you? More horseshit. You’re murdering each other faster than any cop could.