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Salem Bible Church’s Dr. Joseph L. Williams promotes cancer-free living

Salem Bible Church's Dr. Joseph L. Williams promotes cancer-free living
Dr. Joseph L. Williams (courtesy)

Dr. Joseph L. Williams, senior pastor of Salem Bible Church is helping 300 people to lose a combined total of 4K pounds and he’s promoting adopting a cancer-free lifestyle. On Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017, Salem Bible Church is presenting CFL, Cancer Free Living with Dr. Joseph L. Williams at their Atlanta campus located at 2283 Baker Rd. Registration is free at

Here, Williams discusses why he knows this is an important mission and why you should too.

Before discussing the symposium, can you talk about your background in wellness and nutrition?
In 2011, I wanted to learn more about diet and nutrition. I decided to work with eight-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney in his International Association of Fitness Science (IAFS ) program.

The program provided basic nutritional training. Once I finished the program, I noticed an immediate difference in my personal health and well-being.

From there, I pursued my degree in holistic medicine from the Natural Healing College in Sacramento, California. Although I have received training in nutrition, my true knowledge and expertise have come from working with thousands of people and helping them to reach their personal goals.

In 2017, we are on course to help 300 people lose 4,000 pounds. If we are successful, this will be a remarkable accomplishment that further validates the methods we have used.

In addition to your career in health, you also serve in the church with your father. Can you talk about your work there?
I’ve been in ministry for 18 years. In August of 2017, I was elected senior pastor of Salem Bible Church. Salem Bible Church is a multiple location ministry in Atlanta and Lithonia, Georgia. I alternate campuses each week; health and wellness, as well as other community efforts, have been the primary focus of our ministry.

Getting to the symposium, how did the concept come about?
Cancer is something that plagues all Americans especially African Americans. More than 50 percent of the funerals I’ve conducted at Salem Bible Church have been at the hands of cancer.

I wanted to do something about it. I knew I had the knowledge and platform. I thought to do it last year; however, I avoided the project for personal reasons. I feel God has called me to bring the information I have to the people of God and that’s what I plan to do.

What are you hoping that attendees take away from the symposium?
It’s my desire that each participant receives scientifically-based, easy-to-understand and practical information that they will be able to immediately implement in their lives and the lives of their families in order that they may increase their likelihood of a cancer-free life.

Are there any notable sponsors or coordinators for the symposium that you would like to take a moment to spotlight?
The American Heart Association, Empower to Serve, Salem Bible Church and Zimmerman Consulting LLC have been wonderful partners that have supported this seminar from day one.

Are you working on any other projects that are similar to the symposium as it relates to health, fitness and wellness?

Currently, we have a program called the 40-Day Turn Up. It is a 40-day program designed to help each participant lose weight and lower levels of hypertension. We have successfully completed two cohorts of 100 people each. By year’s end, we are on track to hit 4,000 pounds total loss with less than 300 people (

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