Racist White teens reportedly attempted to lynch 8-year-old biracial boy

via Cassandra Merlin Facebook

A biracial boy in Claremont, New Hampshire was nearly lynched by White teens. According to NH1, Cassandra Merlin shared the story of her 8-year-old son’s attack on Facebook.

“My son is being flown to Dartmouth after a 14-year-old kid decided to hang him from a tree. I don’t care if this was a so called accident or not. My son almost died because of some little s— teenage kids,” Merlin posted on social media on Aug. 28.

The boy’s grandmother said he was hung from a tree while playing outside with kids he thought were his friends. A group of White teenage boys began taunting the boy and yelling racial slurs at him. They also threw sticks and rocks at his legs.

At some point, the teens stood on a picnic table and grabbed a rope that hung from a tree that was once used as a tire swing. Somehow, the teens put the rope around the 8-year-old’s neck and pushed him off of the picnic table. The boy swung back and forth three times before he was able to pull the rope from around his neck. The kids who were around him did not help or give him assistance. The boy’s 11-year-old sister ran home where she told her parents. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was then transported to another hospital in Dartmouth. He sustained severe cuts around his neck, but he did not suffer any internal injuries. He’s currently recovering at home.

Since the incident, the boy has been less talkative while trying to find ways to deal with the trauma. He will likely have to speak with an expert who can help with his mental health.

The incident occurred in a town that is 96 percent White, 0.6 percent Black, and 1.8 percent biracial. It also speaks to the current climate of America. While racial acts of violence have always taken place in this country, it has increased over the past several months due to the White supremacy ideology of Donald Trump. When the President of the United States pushes an agenda that exudes racism and hate, it provokes racists of all ages to believe that they can get away with committing hate crimes.

Police have yet to arrest anyone and have not revealed if any of the teens will be charged with a crime.

A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.

  1. Death to the teenagers responsible for this, and I am looking at their parents to see what justice needs to be dealt. The parents should be made to pay all hospital and counseling costs for life. This kid will NEVER be the same. He needs to be taught the history of Blacks in this country in order to understand where this sort of hate comes from.

    1. His parents don’t care they taught that devil eve thing they know which is s why his evil ass was so comfortable killing another human being . For the safety of ALL society especially POC the terrorist should be charged with. Hate crime and locked up . If this had been black kids doing this to a white child they would be charged as adults.

        1. Dude put down your crack pipe, white kids get away with damn near anything. They just use the he’s a kid excuse, but if this had been some black kids that hung a white kid then they would be labeled super predators by racist white supremacists and locked up with no probation ever.

          1. First off you don’t know me cause I’m not black. Secondly retard the only reason black people need any kinda of protective rights is because redneck inbred white trash like you. I’m embarrassed to have any kind of race connection to you. You love to call negroes monkeys but if you did some real research you retard you would know it is the white race that has up to 18% neanderthal DNA in it’s gene pool. That includes my dear old Irish and English ancestors. I wouldn’t expect you to know this as racism is a huge marker of the ignorant.

          2. How do you know he is a redneck? Why do you say such ugly, vicious things to others, and then expect them to agree with you? Why not just ignore them? Why get all frustrated and angry and get your blood pressure up over some ugly comment by an insensitive, ill-informed person? Don’t give them any more fuel for their nasty little fires.

          3. Frank E, you can’t let head people go. You have to do something. I reported his person by this handle to the FBI for comments below. You can and should, too. They get pulled over its a big deal. That have to be informed hey have an open FBI file before can be handed a state ticket. They go to court a judge sees that. If they are on probation it comes to the officer as an FBI complaint. It’s a very effective way of shitting these sub human racists down. Hate speech is a felony. Don’t forget that.

          4. I could say same for white, red neck uses that excuse. Hate speech is a felony, as in first Amendment. Nah your brain belong to fiction. You can’t federal agent for this, regardless of hate speech, kid. Stop living in kool aid, kiddo.

          5. Frank, you are definitely correct and I should’ve taken the high road. I apologize if I offended you. This is a very touchy subject for me as I have 6-7 year old biracial boys myself.

          6. You’re a complete imbecile. You don’t even know what you’re speaking about first of all. Whites are well known to have the highest IQs of any race at the high end of the spectrum. It’s whites that dominate the smartest men category from Richard Hawkings to Sir Isaac Newton.

            It’s this high IQ that has benefited the rest of the world and the reason why the overwhelming majority of Nobel Prizes go to white Western people. It’s not to say that other races didn’t contribute to mankind, but Whites who historically have been pretty bad towards each other have given an outsized contribution to mankind, technologically, politically through Republics and Democracies, and culturally through being the first race to ban slavery (starting with White-Christianized England). In fact there are still slaves today that exist in certain countries like India, China, Middle East, and parts of Africa.

          7. With whites attacking each other at these rallies acting gatdamn fools, this monkey @$$ white excuse for a president, etc., etc. I don’t think now is the time to be talking about Blacks. Your people are ‘showing’ the World..and I do mean the whole World..what kind of savages that people of your race truly are..even though it’s been known by the whole World since forever.

          8. How would you know if it happened? If black kids attacked a white kid like this, the mainstream media wouldn’t even cover the story. I have seen numerous videos and read numerous stotries in non-mainstream news media showing vicious treatment of white children by black kids, and not one thin is said about it by CNN or any of the other mainstream media outlets. Mainstream media only promotes stories that support its agenda, and reporting on violence by blacks against white people is not part of their agenda. This story is suspect because any source that makes presumptuous undocumented statements about Trump or anyone else (as this story does) is not credible and contributes to all the FAKE news out there.

          9. Google, [House Joint res 76] A bill signed into law by President Trump on Aug,22,2017, allowing search of any property, federal, private, business, and homes within Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland, within an unspecified range of the Metropolitan Area Transit Authority without a search warrant or probable cause for the purpose of investigation, and training and a few other things.. So you can see the beginning of your rights completely stripped from you and the 4th amendment being urinated on. Then tell me if this is Obama’s fault.

          10. oh for F sake-google physical WARRANT LESS searches and write back–that involves the entire USA.
            google carnivore on and on.
            google a CPS or probate court hearing,etc
            grow up and get informed

          11. You grow up and get informed moron, not one thing you said changes fact. Idiots like you will always have some kinda whack excuse to justify criminal behavior. Warrantless Searches are unconstitutional and just because they happen and our rights our violated doesn’t make it ok to violate our right more. With idiots like you for so called allies who needs enemies?

          12. That didn’t happen when 4 racist blacks tortured a mentally handicapped white 18 year old… in fact the mainstream media largely ignored it. But we live in a world of double standards. Why is it that a black can walk into a white neighborhood and feel completely safe, but a white can’t walk into a black neighborhood with the same feeling of safety?

        2. Brian Porter whites have less rights and are he minority in this country? Are you for real? Just because you are a loser doesn’t mean you have less rights- just means you are a loser and couldn’t make it- yet. Change your racist tune and learn to care for others and you might actually get some good fortune going- get into a good job, meet a nice partner. But way you are taking now- wow- you live in lala land. Bet you blame Soros your teeth aren’t white, too. You Trump supporters need to grow up. You’re very underdeveloped on the whole and have absolutely crazy idea with no basis in reality.

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      2. I totally agree with you. This act didn’t come out of the air. These 4 kids need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. A medical bills and forthcoming costs need to be cover. This not being brought out and covered is way there is so much outrage today. These kids do not and should not be protected.

        1. come on back here and tell us where these kids ARE .
          no where as it never happened.
          the child was injured while playing around with the tire swing.
          how come there are NO ADULT WITNESSES TO ANYTHING ?
          and WHY DID momma big mouth delete HER report from her facebook page ?
          BECAUSE there was no attempted lynching or deliberate injuries OR airlift etc etc,THAT’S WHY.

        1. Max X knight I take great pleasure in informing you -so you know for sure who and why- that you have been reported to the a boulder a country FBI for hate speech which is felony. Anybody else- this is easy to do- is particularly easy for me because my husband is an agent but you can call you local FBI and ask for a drum route number. It will then prompt you to set up an account and every time you see racist and other hate speech or threats you simply link that page and handle directly to that account win the date and time. From there a computer system will email you with proof that it has locked on the page and ask you if you’d like to leave other comments. This is how you shut Nazi’s down. Their handle is taxed to other accounts and activity and a file is created. Hate speech is a felony. Period. Don’t just stand back and let these truly bad people get away with talking like this idiot is. Son, you had better grow up. You are not human. And no one will ever love you until you learn how to love. And that’s the truth. It’s why you are alone now. Well- not totally alone now. I guarantee the FBI is tracing you from now on.

        2. Max X Kinght….were your parents and grandparents first cousins. It’s a sure fact that you are a coward since you hide who you are here. People may not be able to see you, but God knows who you are and you will have to answer to HIM one day. And with all the hatred in that you have in your heart, makes you a useless, sad, pathetic excuse of a human heart. You actually seem like you have no soul. Who would make mockery of a tragedy like this calling Black people monkeys. You must have been raised by some monkeys in the zoo.

          1. Just curious since you say you’re white and seem to have some sort of mental guilt complex. Do you comment equally on other threads when a black person commits an evil act on another race? Or do you just comment on articles when we don’t even have a motive yet or all the facts, such as did the kid provoke the other children to attack him?

      1. That’s right. They would have been labeled super predators and charged as adults. But seeing it’s white kids in a 96% white town the police have decided to protect their identities and they will not face criminal
        Charges because it could haunt hem the rest of their lives. The white cops have said the white kids simply didn’t know what they were doing and it was an accident. Please call the police there in Claremont tomorrow and demand justice. From a white woman in Colorado

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  2. This is exactly why we need Black Lives Matter. This is bullshit. I feel so bad for that boy. He needs a red light machine and good skin cream and hope those rope burn cuts can not leave scars. Imagine him as a man having to explain those. If my white son had done this, I’d have killed him. This is horrible and he police have taken the side of the teens which is criminal. This story is not being covered by major mainstream news. It has to be. This is so so serious.

  3. This travesty seems to be the Manson-like behavior of a teen sociopath influencing gang mentality against an innocent child. The strawman of racial difference was used as his catalyst. Whoever the alpha dog is in this group is probably psychotic and teen peer pressure unfortunately, usually makes others go along with him similar to the brainwashed followers of Manson.

  4. “Was able to pull the rope from around his neck”

    I am sorry, but please just think of the physical strength one would need to actually accomplish this. I am calling bullshit on this tall tale.

    1. Yeah, because every teenager knows how to tie a noose like an executioner. C’mon man, you have brain. Use it for something other than making excuses for racist behavior.

    2. PLEASE! What is with some White people and denial? You will make excuses for the people who commit crimes and against people of color. It’s insane! I’m sorry, but I think you should re-consider this.

  5. When he got down out of the rope he should have kicked the s#it out of all of their weak @$$es. White parents this goes out to you..teach your kids respect for others..no matter the color. This is not the Jim Crow Era. It’s 2017 and Black people will put your @$$ in a box for [email protected] around nowadays. Don’t [email protected] up and become a victim of your own racial s#it.

    1. When he got out of the rope he lay there purple and his sister ran for help. Their mom says actually it is the 11 year old sister who witnessed this that is having the hardest time. Not eating much, having a hard time in school, been to the guidance counselor office a lot because kids are teasing her about it. Poor thing. The little boy is up and running but was having night frights and not talking as much. He maybe didn’t understand about race because hey had to explain it to him. I can understand bat. My son was about 9 when he found out about racism. Before then had no idea. Had 2 black friends, few white friends and grew up in a old Santa Fe neighborhood so Chicanos for neighbors. Kids don’t understand at that age. Poor kids. The doctor said “he must have had a guardian angel. He should be dead having swing 3 times”. That’s amazing. Kid is a solider. He got out of that rope

  6. Too bad we weren’t this concerned when the mentally ill white kid was kidnapped and tortured by black kids. Hate is hate but you people make it worst by picking and choosing what you care about based on skin color.

  7. This website is fake news… there are WAYYYY more racist blacks committing evil acts on other races such as whites and hispanics every year than the reverse. Why such a distorted narrative rollingout?

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