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Bambi explains why she took Lil Scrappy back

Photo Credit: Instagram – @adizthebam

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” power couple Lil Scrappy and Bambi hit a dead end in their tumultuous relationship this summer when fans learned that they split up after years of being together on screen. However, it looks like the pair has had a change of heart because the couple is officially back together and Bambi recently spilled the beans on why she decided to take Scrappy back.

According to reports, Scrappy and Bambi split back in June and Scrappy launched an internet campaign with his “Find The Bam” slogan after Bambi decided to end all communication with him following their split. Well, it looks like Scrappy’s hard work paid off because Bambi took him back. In an a recent interview with In Touch, Bambi explained that she decided to patch things up with Scrapp because he was so dedicated to winning her back.

“His pursuit made me believe that he was really serious and willing to do anything to make our situation work. I was totally shocked. Scrapp is usually very stubborn and pridefulm so this was new to me. It showed a different side of him,” Bambi said.

Bambi also revealed that, contrary to popular belief, she and Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee, actually get along really well.

“I’ve never really had an issue with his mom,” she explained. “She actually really likes me, sometimes TV just makes people do what they think other people would be entertained by.”

Bambi also discussed Scrappy heading down to Miami to film scenes for the upcoming “Love & Hip Hop Miami.” And although fans are wondering if she will move further down south for the new show, Bambi explained that Atlanta is going to remain her home for the foreseeable future.

“Miami is beautiful, it’s always been a quick getaway for me and Scrapp knows this, so he’s been enticing me with this beautiful condo on the beach,” she explained. “I may be there a lot more but I definitely have made Atlanta my home and have a lot of business there — so it wouldn’t be a full on move. I don’t think that’s a part of my plan for now.”

Well, we’re glad Scrappy and Bambi were finally able to get their relationship back on track. What do you all think of their reunion though? Let us know in the comments.