Single dad and singer Decosi Fields is a man of character with style

Single dad and singer Decosi Fields is a man of character with style
Decosi Fields (Photo credit: Reign Forever Music Group Inc.)

Decosi Fields, 27, recently released his debut album, I Know What I’m Doing: The Tape. A single dad, Fields is focused on changing his daughter’s life by any means necessary.

His album starts with an all too familiar sound, a ringtone. The tone of the album is trap-ish, displaying the best of big drums and heavy 808s that can found on singles, “#AMEN” and “#CURVN.” The lead and title single “IKWID” is bossy, bold and definitely an independence anthem.

Get ready to nod your head to the beat and to the message on Fields’ freshman offering.

Meet Decosi Fields.

When did you know that being a musician was your calling?
Being a musician was something I’d always loved since I was little. I joined the band in middle school and that’s where it really started for me.

Describe three other occupations you’ve held.
I was a package handler for UPS, a fry cook in a restaurant and I cleaned houses one summer.

What inspires you to perform?
The energy I get from the fans when I sing and dance across that stage.

What instruments, if any, do you play?
I play a little of the flute, trumpet, and keys … piano.

How would you describe your brand of music?
My brand of music is universal. It’s for the young and older generation. As long as my grandma likes my music I’m good. I used to think of it as backpack trap but as more people listen to my music and give me feedback, it becomes more difficult to place it or generalize it as one thing or another. I say it’s the purest form of me within my current circumstances.

When you are on stage what do you want to convey about your style?
That’s it’s me. That I’m not pretending or portraying something I’m not.

Name three musicians who have influenced your approach to being a musician?
I’d say first and foremost Andre 3000. OutKast as a group really but Andre 3K because you saw his many different stages in his career. Then I’m going to have to say Kanye West because he did the same thing (as 3000) and wasn’t afraid of what people think which made him so open to create so many different sides and views of him. And of course Jay Z because of his work ethic in and out the studio. I know you said three but I have to add Coldplay cause they are one my favorite band. I love Chris Martin’s lyrical freedom.

Describe your creative process from concept to complete song.
Honestly, most of the time it’s just me in the studio, since I’m an engineer too. I don’t write much of my music like 40 or 50% is written and the rest I just go in the booth and stay in there until I get all my ideas out of my head or at least most of them.
Then I bring in my production team to add any extra sounds or melody I my want to add. I arrange the song until it feels good. It has to feel good every time or it’s not right to me.

How do you select your creative music partners to fashion your musical voice?
I really don’t select anyone. I’m kinda selfish. My team and I are loners. To be quite honest there’s know need to select anyone. My team and I are solid. Together we fashion my musical voice, Reign Forever Music Group Inc.

What advice would you give anyone preparing to enter the music business about publishing and management?
My advice is to study the industry, know your value and what you are willing to give up in publishing. With management have a good manager that understands your wants and that understands how to place you in growing positions to keep your career moving forward. Find a team that believes in you. They’ll keep you moving on them days you feel like it’s to hard.

If you were going to sing for any famous person as a celebration of what they have done for humanity, who would it be?
Michael Jackson, hands down. Well maybe Bono from U2 he’s done some amazing things as well or Akon since he’s been do so much for the people in parts of Africa. If Mike were still alive it would most defiantly be him.

What are the effects to society that you would like the results of listening to your music to be?
To make people think about the way things are viewed and received. Everything doesn’t have to be one way or one sided.

If you could go outside the USA to write and produce music, what country would you choose and why?
I’d love to work in South Korea because Kpop music and Trap Music over there is like how NSYNC, Britney and The Backstreet Boys were over here in the 00’s today. I think that would be crazy to draw inspiration from.

What do you like the most about being musician?
I enjoy creating music and seeing people enjoy what I created.

What producers are you looking forward to working with soon?
I would say MetroBoomin, Pharrell Williams and Diddy.

Name three musicians you would like to record with who are hit makers?
I’m a hit maker so I know working with these artists would be something crazy magical. Swae Lee from Rae Sremmud, The-Dream and Ed Sheeran.

If you could make a duet with someone who would it be and why?
I would love to do a duet with Sting. I have this song I sampled from him when he was with the Police titled “Englishman in New York.” If I could make that song and not have a sample but his voice instead, to me that would be timeless.

What musical awards have you aspired to receive and it happened?
We (Reign Forever Music Group) received a gold plaque and a platinum plaque for working on YC’s Racks Single and J Coles Luv Yours album 2014 Forest Hill Drive. Now I’m out to earn my first artist achieved plaque for the team.

What musical achievements have you yet to obtain?
I’ve yet to receive a Grammy.

Finish the sentences:
When I hit the stage I feel … at peace.
When the crowd is responding to my music I know. .. I’ve affected the word.
I appreciate my fans because … they allow me to be apart of their lives while allowing me to live out my dream.
Music is my calling … period.
My method of studying music is … watching the growth of artist and the labels that back them.
When you find my music I want you to … share it with a friend.

Name your favorite two books.
Greatest Salesman in the World and How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Follow Decosi Fields on social:
Facebook | @decosifields
Instagram | @decosifields
Twitter| @decosifields

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