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Beard Swag launches products and brings awareness to No Shave November

Beard Swag Beard Company CEO Phillip Bates (Photo credit: Scoop Jones)

November is known for the Thanksgiving holiday that everyone looks forward to all year. It is also the month where men put their clippers down and go without shaving, making the month No Shave November. During this month, men all over the world grow their hair out (facial and head) to bring awareness about cancer and to those who cannot grow hair or who lost it due to treatment. On Nov. 20, Phillip Bates, a devoted husband, father, musician and entrepreneur, threw the Beard Swag Party — No Shave November in order to bring awareness as well as launch his own products that he created for men with beards called Beard Swag Beard Company and partnered with Allnette, an organization that is all about helping youth who have lost one or more of their parents.

Rolling out attended the party and was able to speak to Bates about the company, No Shave November, and much more.

When was Beard Swag Beard Company founded? Why did you start the company?
Beard Swag was founded in 2015 and it started because I had an infatuation with beards. I’ve always had different hair throughout the years and I told my sister about my sudden interest with hair. She encouraged me to do some research and so that’s where it began. I began to do my research on beard hair and then began formulating products and aromatherapy. I began studying oils and how they affect the hair follicles and the skin under the hair follicles. In 2015, there wasn’t a lot of companies out there that provided beard products for men that myself or the people I surround myself with knew about especially locally in the city of Detroit. It pushed me to learn and grow and take that from an idea to a reality.

Is this the public launch of your company?
Yes. Though I started in 2015, I never had an official launch and so today I am publicly launching Beard Swag Beard Company to the world. I am also in partnership with my sister’s organization, Allnette, who help service youth who have lost one or both parents. They’re having a Christmas Ugly Sweater party on Dec. 15 to help raise money for those children. We wanted to introduce our brand, but it’s more than that. We want to help people. I lost my dad at the age of 2 and my mother at the age of 21. So this is why we do what we do. We want to help those children both in foster care and those who are not. They’re looking to help sponsor 40 families this Christmas.

What do you want people to learn from this event?
Since it is No Shave November, I really want to bring awareness about cancer and that this month isn’t just about not shaving, but acknowledging those who have lost their hair due to this sickness. Also a lot of times, men take the back seat in taking care of themselves when they have a lot going on in their lives. I’m a hardworking man who leads his family. I have a beautiful wife named Latrece and a gorgeous daughter named Peyden. I put my family first, but the best care is self-care. I want to push that and show men that you can do both. You can work hard and look your best.

What products does the Beard Swag Beard Company sell? 
We sell grooming and personal care products for the bearded man. We have oils and balms, beard wash and combs, brushes and other tools to manage and grow your beard. Our products are for the barber who wants to use the product for their clients as well as the bearded man or the man in hope of growing a beard.

What is the goal of Beard Swag?
We want men all around the world to know that you can have a beard and still be professional. A lot of jobs make you cut your beard off before you start working with them as if it’s disrespectful or you’re not properly groomed for the workplace. Why do beards have to be seen that way? If it looks good and is a part of me, not affecting my work, then it should be professional enough for me to keep it. We want to help the bearded man feel confident in himself and what he wants.

How do you feel about the beard group on Facebook that everyone keeps talking about?
I believe the group could do better. It’s all about your perception though. I believe the group should be geared more towards helping men with beards or those trying to grow one and they could use that platform to promote more instead of making it a comparison and lust group.

Where can your products be found?
If you are local, you can contact me at (248) 809-4944 and get them from me personally. They are also found on my website, which is Follow us on Instagram at BeardSwagBeardCo and Twitter at BeardSwagBeardC.

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