Wendy tells Ashanti, ‘No one cares about your music,’ says she’s a stripper

Wendy tells Ashanti, 'No one cares about your music,' says she's a stripper
Photo Credit: Wendy Williams’ Instagram (@wendyshow)

Wendy Williams thrashed veteran R&B singer Ashanti this past week about her music career. Some would even venture to say that her words went past mean-spirited and bordered on cold-bloodedness.

Williams, famous for throwing shade in any and all directions, weighed in on the singer having a tense disagreement with former reality star and current talk show host Joe Budden. Ashanti appeared on Budden’s Everyday Struggle” and she explained why she was upset when some fans threw money on stage during one of her shows as she was giving several men raunchy lap dances.

Budden, however, disagreed, saying that she was dressed like a stripper – and danced like one.

Check out the clip of the heated exchange between Ashanti and Budden first:


(Source: YouTube/Everyday Struggle)

Wendy gave her opinion on the matter, implying that Ashanti’s music wasn’t relevant. “You are a fledgling artist at best,” she said to “ooohs” and “ahhs” and laughter from the audience. You are 40 something at this point. Nobody cares about her music, 37, same difference. You are – and I didn’t call you a stripper – I call you an exotic dancer” (which is a eupemism for “stripper”). 

And I agree with what Joe [Budden)]was saying. Ashanti, just take it for what it is. Nobody’s buying your music. Nobody cares about your music. You’ve got a beautiful body, and you’re using it to make your bones. And that is a fact, jack.”

Check out the video below:


Source: YouTube/WendyShow

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