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Joe Budden explains why he dislikes Megan Thee Stallion (video)

Budden elaborates on why he feels some kind of way about Megan Thee Stallion
Joe Budden explains why he dislikes Megan Thee Stallion (video)
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Rap OG Joe Budden has never shied away from creating friction or leaning into confrontations, so it should come as no surprise that he made it unequivocally clear that he does not like hip-hop superstar Megan Thee Stallion.

More specifically, Budden intimated that he is highly offended by the way the “WAP” rapper has allegedly treated many of the esteemed music influencers that he has associated with.

The “Pump it Up” rapper took pains to make sure that fans do not conflate his criticisms of Megan with the circumstances surrounding her sensationalized trial against former boyfriend Tory Lanez.

“So, let me be clear to the audience. That has nothing to do with this case or Tory Lanez. For me, personally, I’ve seen this woman do horrible things to some really great people that I have long-standing relationships with in this industry,” Budden explained. “So, I’m biased. Like, you can’t just treat my friends, and people I f— with, and people I’ve seen in this game for 15 years, a certain way.”

Fans bristled at Budden’s declaration of dislike for the rap diva. He even had to expound on his ill feelings toward Megan in a conversation with his own mother:

“My mom called me [and] she said, ‘Yo! Why you say you ain’t like [Megan Thee Stallion]?’ I said, “‘Cause’ I don’t like that girl.’” She said, “Yeah, but you didn’t have to say you didn’t like the girl.” I said, “Yeah, but I didn’t have to not say it!” Like, I stand in my dislike for the girl.

Despite his personal animus toward Megan, he is sympathetic to her personal losses recently as well as the trauma of being shot in her foot.

“That aside, I’m talking about her and what she’s chosen to do professionally. I want to be clear; I don’t know her as a person. She could be amazing, but there’s a lot to deal with when you sign, and a lot happens fast. So, I want to have grace and be sensitive. She lost her mother; there’s been loss. There’s been loss. And they’ve established those were bullet fragments in her foot. She was injured,” he said.

Listen to the podcast in full below:

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