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R. Kelly opens up about his homes being robbed

R. Kelly opens up about his homes being robbed
Photo Credit: Instagram – @rkelly

R. Kelly found himself in a tough situation this week as news spread across the web that two of his Atlanta area homes were robbed while he was away on tour. Now, Kelly is finally speaking out about the homes and he’s disappointed that the culprit is someone he knows.

As previously reported, Kelly’s mansion in John’s Creek, Georgia, as well as his home on Old Homestead Trail, were burglarized recently. Since the singer discovered the burglaries, Alfonso Walker, also known as “Doc,” was arrested and charged with burglary, theft by taking, and theft by deception.

For the past several days, Kelly remained quiet about the burglaries. However, yesterday, the singer went on his Instagram page and posted two videos as he finally returned to his Atlanta home and assessed the loss he suffered after the burglaries.

“I’m in my Atlanta home now and they basically done cleaned out my whole house,” said Kelly as he showed off his near barren living room.

“I thank all my fans for their support,” said Kelly into the camera as he tried to remain optimistic about the situation, but then he entered a ransacked room and followed up regretfully by saying, “That’s what happens when you get … well, let people too close to you … People you’ve known 25, 35 years. This is what happens.”

However, Kelly did reveal that he appreciates his fans and the local police for helping him.

“They took everything,” Kelly said. “So … It’s all love though. I’m’ma keep my head up, keep working on this album. You can’t [do] nothing about something you can’t do nothing about. I do thank the police department here for being quick to hop on everything and get some of my stuff back. And, like I said, I thank all the fans from around the world who’ve been sending out messages and prayers and staying positive and keeping me positive through the whole thing. Just God bless y’all.”

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