6 reality stars we love to hate … and why

Joseline Hernandez (photo provided by VH1)


Reality TV has become most American’s guilty pleasure. We love watching people do things that we would never have the audacity to do ourselves and some things we’d never want to do in our wildest dreams. Many of these personalities are train wrecks waiting to happen and we love watching them go through their ups and downs all for our personal entertainment.

We looked at reality TV over the last five years and came up with seven of the most hated characters on reality TV. Ironically, a few of those characters have gone on to turn the tables in their favor and become the star of their series, but it appears the recipe for disaster is a female who has a strong personality and isn’t with the ish that some of the other cast members may throw their way.

Teairra Mari photo provided by VH1


6.  Teairra Mari – VH1’s urban soap opera “Love & Hip Hop” will provide most of our countdown but we start with former Bad Boy artist Teairra Mari. When introduced to audiences several seasons ago Teairra was dating the show’s favorite bachelor turned groom Ray J. Teairra quickly turned Ray J’s affections to disdain with her quick temper, physically abusive ways, and over-the-top jealousy. The two split before mid-season and Teairra had a host of other attempted romances but she just can’t seem to get herself together. Her storylines always involve her wanting to fight another girl and in the two most recent seasons, we’ve seen her problems snowball into an ugly alcohol addiction. Her friends on the show did an intervention to prove to Teairra once and for all that she is at the root of the problems she keeps having. We see her finally admit she needs help and check herself into therapy. Hopefully, she’ll get the help she needs and come back to change her reputation.

Christal Jordan
Christal Jordan

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