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Olympic hero Usain Bolt flosses rotten toes and gets dragged back to Jamaica

Usain Bolt, 2nd from right, with friends. Photo: [email protected]

Some of the greatest athletes of all time have the most grotesque feet. Olympic track legend Usain Bolt proves this theory in a stomach-churning photo we wish he had not so cruelly unveiled on the masses without warning.

To be fair to Bolt, a Chicago Bulls beat reporter once admired how physically fit Michael Jordan was, even during the latter stages of his career. But he also made mention of MJ’s one physical imperfection: “his unsightly toes.” So the legend who is nicknamed “The Lightning Bolt” is far from being alone in the monstrous, molded appearing mats at the end of their legs.

The issue here is that other athletes usually spare us the sight of their ghastly digits (except for Shaquille O’Neal, who did unveil his Jurassic Park-looking claws at the end of his feet during a “NBA on TNT” show last year).

Apparently, Bolt was watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, presumably from his island nation of Jamaica, when he posted a photo of himself watching the game. The problem is that he got his gnarled, rotten-looking nails into the shot and, despite knowing how they looked, put it up on his social media account.

Bolt, known as the fastest man on Earth, could not outrun the multitudes who recoiled at Bolt’s feet before stampeding over his social media account:

Scroll down at your own risk, as social media crushed Bolt for his feet foibles.

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