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O.J. Simpson dragged after ‘hypothetical’ murder confession

via Nevada Department of Corrections

Since 1994, the nation has been torn over O.J. Simpson. The “trial of the century” featured storylines of race, drugs, murder, and celebrity. 

When Simpson was found not guilty in 1995, it was proven, again, that America was still divided by race. And decades after Simpson was convicted and sentenced to prison in Nevada for “stealing” memorabilia that belonged to him, the nation was still divided.

In 2006, Simpson decided to do a ridiculous interview where he gave a “hypothetical” account of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The interview was set to be released along with a “fictionalized” confession in the book, If I Did It

Fox decided to air the interview and call it “The Lost Confession.”

During the interview, Simpson spoke about his anger towards Nicole Brown Simpson and admitted to screaming at her grave. He also gave an account of how things would have transpired if he was the killer. 

Overall, the interview was a horrible idea for Simpson. He gained nothing from the interview and viewers did not gain much either. It only furthering the divide of a nation that will never completely get along.