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BREED is committed to keeping youth out of gangs and strip clubs

Photo credit: BREED

We are living in a time in where we must work together to make our world a better place. Bobby Reed is a community activist who does just that. As the founder of the BREED Village Foundation, he strives to make the community a better place for youth. Reed runs his non-profit organization to garner resources that will help youth who have aged out of the foster care system. He identified a need and has been fulfilling it ever since.

Here, he shares his vision and why he finds this work fulfilling.

What is the vision for the nonprofit?
The vision and mission of BREED Village Foundation is to provide much-needed care to displaced and impoverished youth who are impacted after leaving state foster care. BREED Village Foundation will provide physical, emotional, social, mentor-ship and companionship care. We will also be a resource bank for financial and social services programs. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, of the approximately 500,000 children in the foster care system in the United States, an estimated 24,000 foster youth age out of care each year and attempt to live independently. These youth are expected to succeed on their own like a vast majority of their peers.

Who are the immediate beneficiaries of the services you provide?
Displaced children who “age out” of foster care, as well as the homeless, men and women who have been harmed by domestic violence.

What are the best practices you have found for developing programs?
You must have funding, a business plan and execution strategies to tactfully bring those programs to fruition.

What are the two most important ways you generate revenue to sustain your nonprofit?
As a nonprofit, we typically don’t generate revenue but as a normal business, it’s based on sales and marketing. For nonprofits, it’s based upon; grants, gifts, and donations.

What are the areas that you focus on when helping society?
I focus on providing jobs, providing training, mentoring young and old, and generating revenue.

How have the needs for your service and funding changed over the years?
They have not really but has become more difficult to get any funding.

How do you utilize technology to provide the services to you benefactors and to communicate your mission?
We utilize our website, networking, social media, and word of mouth to communicate to our mission to the benefactors.

Why is service so important to you?
[As] children age out of foster care each year, they are left to fend for themselves. They either [end up] homeless, in gangs, [involved in] prostitution, strip dancing, committing crimes, in jail or dead …

When did you decide that being a non-profit professional spoke to your career goals?
2005 I did some research regarding the foster care system and observed that there was an immediate need that wasn’t being addressed nor being fulfilled. And, this was the case for many years and is still ongoing.

Who are three of the non-profit leaders whose work you respect and appreciate?
Bill Gates Aids Research, Carter Center, American Red Cross

What advice would you give to an individual looking to start a nonprofit?
It is extremely important that the following is done: a business plan, research is done to determine if this venture is what they want and lastly have the passion needed to drive the nonprofit to daylight (stability).

What would your graduation speech be to a college student about becoming a non-profit professional?
I would say, make sure that you’re fully dedicated to the cause and the people associated with it.

Finish the sentences:

My work is fulfilling because … I help, teach, mentor and restore as many people as possible

Effecting change for humanity means … changing me first and then I can change the world

Giving to a social cause is good because … it helps balance society which means it’s good for everyone on the planet, as well as it’s good in God’s sight that we help one another.

I want to make a difference for humanity because … we’re all here to help someone just as Jesus was sent to save mankind, we are here for some else.

Name three books and authors that inspire you.
Bible – provided and inspired by God and written by man, Art of War – Sun Tzu, Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert T. Kiyosaki.

What quote do you live by?
“You can be on the right track but if you don’t keep moving, you’ll get run over” – Will Rogers

Who are three role models who have changed your life?
Jesus; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; my grandfather, Robert Reed; and great grandmother, Suzanna Jenkins