Black women find success as mom bloggers

Mom Blogger Dayna Bolden (Photo courtesy of Dayna Bolden)
Mom Blogger Dayna Bolden (Photo courtesy of Dayna Bolden)

Some people are blessed to work in professions that they truly love right out of school or even before. Others find it later in life. Rolling out spoke exclusively to five mom bloggers about how they got started in the industry, what they choose to write about, and some of the exciting events they have covered.

How did you get started?
Christine St.Vil of I wanted to empower moms to feel good without feeling guilty. I wanted to encourage moms to go after their goals and dreams in addition to being great moms. I literally just started writing about my experiences and anything I thought would inspire moms. My kids were 1, 2 and 4 at the time that I started (in 2012).
Dayna Bolden of I started by sharing my personal love for fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and entrepreneurship online, and it grew into a full-time business.
Carla Meadows of My family and I took a 4,000-mile road trip in our minivan a few years ago when my girls were in elementary school. I thought it would be fun to chronicle what it took to get ready for an epic road trip. I just started writing for my friends and family so they could see us preparing for the trip and allow them to follow us along the way. It took off and media outlets and others started carrying my content.
Jehava Brown I had always read a lot of blogs in the past, and they encouraged me through some hard times in my life. I really felt called to do the same thing. I started researching how to start a blog and jumped in with two feet.
LeToyia Dennis I started blogging by accident. I hold a summer learning camp for three-to-five year olds and was asked to facilitate a parent engagement class for parents. I left that training saying I want to motivate moms to be great women and extraordinary moms so we raise better children. A sponsor said, “I will give you $50K to host the Motivated Mom Tour” and I became the Motivated Mom. During the first tour stop, the moms asked how they can follow me and stay informed, so I started my blog.

How do you choose what to write about?
Christine: The inspiration came out of being involved with different Facebook groups catered to moms. There were so many conversations they were having about their dreams and goals. Most of them were saying that they had to wait until their kids started school, finished school, etc. before they could begin. I believed they could start now. That they didn’t have to wait/sacrifice their dreams because they were a mom.
Carla: I’m inspired to share my favorite tips on family travel, local events for kids, teens and girlfriends or consumer products that I actually use. I try to encourage readers to check out a new destination or experience that they may have never tried before. I’m also an influencer for glamping (glamorous camping), which has emerged to be a popular travel niche for girlfriend getaways, family vacations and romantic retreats.
Jehava: I was constantly asked for parenting advice, so that is one of the main things I write about.
Letoyia: I decided that I would write about motivation, inspiration and of course education.

What are some of the most memorable events that you have covered/attended?
Christine: There are so many amazing experiences I’ve had all because of my blog. These are just a few over the last six years: The Black Panther premiere in Los Angeles will go down in history as a favorite, as well as interviewing members of the cast. Disney Dreamers Academy coverage for three years in a row, Queen of Kawte red carpet premiere, being an instructor for Steve Harvey’s Act  Like A Success Online Institute (teaching blogging and social media for business), being a part of the Beaches Moms community as well as Disney Social Media Moms.
Dayna: Earlier this year, I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Vacation Cruise to the Bahamas with my family. I loved being able to have time with my family while still networking and growing my brand at the most magical place on earth.
Carla: One of my favorites was when I wrote about planning a road trip to the Florida Keys and Key West. The summer before this trip I had done a series of posts on going to the mountains, forests, and state parks. That’s why I was encouraged to head to a beach destination. Along our road trip to the Keys we visited a Turtle Rescue Hospital, did ocean kayaking to a historical island, and visited many cultural sites of significance to the Seminole Tribe. I partnered with several companies and representatives of the visitors and tourism board to help make this amazing trip a reality. When we finally got to Key West and to the farthest most southern U.S. point, I had fun telling my followers that “we were closer to Cuba than to Walmart!”  It was truly the end of the line for the U.S. road trip.
Jehava: Disney Social Media Moms Conference was something I will never forget. I don’t know what could top visiting all of the Disney parks and heading on a Disney Cruise. We have visited many high-end restaurants and had some great trips away as a family that were of no cost to us. Another favorite was Kalahari Waterpark and Resorts.
Letoyia: The Disney Dream Academy is super special. I also enjoyed American Black Film Festival as an influencer for Prudential. I think my absolute favorite was the red carpet premiere of Black Panther.

In part two, we talk to these five mom bloggers about the financial aspects of blogging, their families and moms who inspire them.

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