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Bette Midler rejoices over Joe Jackson’s death, inciting social media rage

Bette Midler rejoices over Joe Jackson's death, inciting social media rage
Joe Jackson, father of the Jackson musical family. (Photo: Twitter-@joe5jackson)

Veteran singer, actress and comedian Bette Midler openly rejoiced over the death of Joe Jackson, inciting visceral reactions and condemnation from Twitter and Instagram users.

The “Wind Beneath My Wings” vocalist tweeted that the Jackson family patriarch was “a monster who ate his own children.”

“#JoeJackson is d-e-a-d- and Hallelujah!! A monster who ate his own children; like in an old Grecian myth. I hated every minute he lived. All times are strange but this is really beyond the pale. Would Quincy Jones like to weigh in?? Always interested!!!”

Quincy Jones, who helped Jackson’s son Michael construct the best-selling album the world has ever seen, Thriller, did not respond to Midler’s question.

Twitter users were appalled by Midler’s declaration about the Jackson patriarch:

“Rejoicing in Joe Jackson’s death is tacky Bette. Despite his flaws, he still has a family who will mourn him and out of respect for his wife and children who knew him a lot better than we did, we should be classy and always respect their privacy. #formerlyafan.”

“You have no class whatever your opinions are. Your arrogance, foolery and bigotry are all on display. BTW, what are your contributions to the world? Lady, I don’t personally know Joe Jackson except for the media tabloids, get a life! #RIP JOE JACKSON.”

“I have loved you and your work for years, including your outspoken nature; however this is beyond being outspoken. You may not have liked Joe Jackson, but if you have any empathy for his family, please take this down.”

Midler has not responded to the criticism, nor has she taken down the Twitter post that sparked the outrage.

Before Jackson died from pancreatic cancer at age 89 last week, reports emerged that the father of 11 had initially barred family members from seeing him before ultimately letting a few of them visit.

The father was notoriously heavy-handed in raising his children, which has been documented in books and TV interviews over the past four decades. But he did raise one dynamic family and create three of the highest-caliber acts in entertainment: The Jackson 5 as well as Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Jermaine, La Toya, Rebe, Marlon and Randy also went on to have solo careers.

When he died, his family, including his daughter  Janet and sons Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Tito, released a statement. It read: “We mourn the loss of our father and celebrate the life of a man who sacrificed so much to give us the life and success we have today.”

It’s mostly because of this family that most fans are outraged Midler would say something like this publicly.

carmellw22@thebabydarling said, “Either way luv, She is wrong and out of respect for that man children and grandchildren’s She should have kept her mouth shut and said nothing if it wasn’t R.I.P!”

trendy_tashhe added on Instagram that Jackson “created icons so have several seats.”

And there were plenty of others:

palmer.joann says “WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING about this if there is an issue about how mr. Jackson treated his children they should be the one complaining not you.”

betty.hurt.355Shame on you BetteM

idler, Very disrespectful, wrong timing 😢
mrscantrell123Wtf is wrong with her?!?!

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