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Bare butt, racist Georgia lawmaker out of a job may need Obamacare

Rep. Jason Spencer on the Showtime series “Who is America?” with Sacha Baron Cohen (Image Source: Showtime/YouTube)

The state of Georgia has one less fat ass racist in the state legislature, as State Rep. Jason Spencer had the good sense to resign from office. As previously reported by rolling out, Spencer was duped on the Showtime series “What is America?” by the host, notorious comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, into literally showing his ass on TV.

Spencer was under the impression that he was talking to an Israeli military anti-terrorism expert and was about to learn tips that could save him from a terrorist attack. The resulting scenes were the theater of the absurd that featured making a mockery of Asians, yelling the N-Word and ultimately dropping his boxer shorts and screaming “Murica” and charging towards Cohen’s open zipper as a defensive move against terrorists scared of homosexuals.

So great was the embarrassment to the state of Georgia that Governor Nathan Deal and the Georgia Speaker of the House called for Spencer to resign. But Spencer initially refused and stated that he was the victim and Cohen and his production team tricked him into literally showing his ass. But he also was upset because, in another scene shot as a commercial, he shows how he would treat a terrorist. This included biting off a fake penis attached to a dummy and then shoving it in the dummy’s mouth as he speaks of patriotism and bravery against ISIS.

Even though Spencer lost reelection, he still is a serving lawmaker until January 2019. At that time, he would have 8 years in office and was then eligible for free health insurance for the rest of his life paid for by the citizens of Georgia. This week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that moves were being made at the highest levels of Georgia politics to have a special assembly and charge him with ethics violations. Spencer took the wiser course and now most likely will need to look at a health exchange or purchase Obamacare.