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Cardi B allegedly calling dark Blacks ‘roaches, monkeys’ splits Twitter

Cardi B. Photo: [email protected]

As part of her high-decibel diatribe aimed at rival rapper Cardi B, reigning rap maven Nicki Minaj dug up old Cardi tweets that allegedly show the “Bodak Yellow” emcee calling dark-skinned Black women “roaches” and “monkeys” and even insulting transsexuals.

As part of her rant on her “Queens Radio” show on Monday, Sept. 10, Minaj claimed that Cardi B, 25, who was born to a Dominican father and Trinidadian mother, reserves the insult “roach” for only dark-skinned Black women who beef with her online.

Many people have sided with Minaj, 35, in the escalating feud between the two of the world’s most recognized female rappers, with the folks saying that “roaches” and “monkeys” have traditional racial overtones. Others, however, have backed Cardi B all the way, claiming that she was not using the words in a racial manner and that Nicki wants to destroy Cardi and anyone else who threatens her seat on the throne.

To be sure, when Cardi rocketed to success about a year ago with the smash hit “Bodak Yellow,” she answered the same colorism question with this retort to a fan on Twitter: “I called myself a roach. It’s a word that I use a lot,” she said to a Caucasian fan. “Your white a– is the one who using it as race s—- so STFU.”

The two artists’ mutual hatred climaxed during New York Fashion Week in Manhattan, New York, this past weekend when Cardi B allegedly lunged after Minaj in an attempt to snatch her wig after Minaj allegedly delivered one-too-many insults on social media. No one was seriously hurt in the melee; although, Cardi suffered a bump on her head from reportedly being elbowed by one of Minaj’s bodyguards.

What do you make of this swirling, mutating mess? Twitter is split on the matter but offers strong opinions. This is just a sampling: