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Fabolous facing this many years in prison

Photos of rapper Fabolous reconciling with his girlfriend Emily B were not sufficient enough to sway a grand jury from indicting him on several felony charges that could lead to a very long prison bid.

Fab, 40, is staring at up to 20 years in prison in a case stemming from his infamous domestic violence situation with Emily Bustamante and her father at his home in Englewood, New Jersey.

Fabolous repeatedly punched Emily B., 37, in the face so hard that it knocked out two of her front teeth. Fabolous reportedly became enraged when he found out Emily B. had flown to Los Angeles without his prior knowledge. He was also in L.A. at the time on business.

A video obtained by TMZ shows the rapper engaging in a fierce shouting match with Emily B, the star of “Love & Hip Hop,” during which he approached her aggressively with a pair of scissors. He is also heard making threats of shooting her father who appeared on the scene to protect his daughter.

Back in July, Fab refused to plead guilty to the charges and prosecutors went through with the case in the courts.

Fabolous, born John David Jackson, is being charged with one count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury, two counts of threatening to kill, and one count of possession of a weapon.

Each charge carries a sentence of five years in prison and each is considered a third-degree crime in the state of New Jersey, TMZ reports.