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‘Ready to Love’ reality star says working with Will Packer is ‘amazing’

Photo Credit: Joy Evonne Photography

Name: Ashlee Akins

Industry: TV

City: Atlanta

Profession: Entrepreneur and reality star (“Ready to Love”)

Life Motto: “Live lit or die boring.”

As an actress, model, ambassador, host, entrepreneur and humanitarian, describe yourself in three words.  

Extrovert, witty and compassionate.

What is it like being a cast member of Will Packer’s “Ready to Love” reality show on OWN TV?

It is an awesome experience. I have been exposed to wonderful people, and the learning experiences are endless. This was definitely the best decision I could have made. It helped me to open up completely, and be honest with myself.

What is it like working with Will Packer? Did you ever see yourself landing this opportunity?

It has been absolutely amazing. I am still pinching myself, because he is the best of the best, most importantly because he was willing to work with a country girl from Jackson, Tennessee. At first, I honestly didn’t think I was going to get booked for this, but God had other plans. Once I received the initial call, I thanked God for my blessings, and here I am today.

“Ready to Love” is all about dating from a male’s perspective. Briefly tell us what dating is like in your 30s from a female’s perspective.

It’s difficult to date for women in my age range, because most people are interested in a [fast-food] relationship instead of an old-fashioned buffet meal. They want the material things instead of the important things that are free. Overall, the focus is not on love. Dating is more on the image, title, playing the part, and looking like they are in love. That makes dating tough for the ones who are really looking for love.

How important is uplifting and empowering other women. How do you set that example?

It is essential. I always like to sprinkle “a little bit of Ashlee” everywhere I go. I definitely believe that I walk the walk, and that I talk the talk. It is important to set an example, and practice what you preach. The world deserves the truth. I [currently] have a platform for women’s empowerment called “Eat, Makeup, Feel Pretty on the Inside.” As the CEO of AA Dimensions, I challenge women to give the same energy on being great on the inside as we do on perfecting the outer image.

We all need more compassion, self-love, self-awareness, and understanding in order to lead a fulfilling life. “Be a leader, not a boss,” is another concept I added to my platform, to help encourage women after they discover their inner beauty. My goal is to educate them along their journey of learning to love their inner selves. I hope for each of them to gain knowledge on helping others reach their potential, become better people, and essentially become better leaders.