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Chris Rock blasted for bantering with White comedians who used the N-word

Photo Credit: Instagram - @chrisrock

Photo Credit: Instagram – @chrisrock

Chris Rock made a career out of using comedy to examine the complexities of race in America. However, many in the Black community are furious at Rock for allowing White comedian, Louis C.K., to use the N-word in his presence.

The incident occurred during a taping of HBO’s “Talking Funny” that featured Rock, Louis C.K., and Jerry Seinfeld as they discussed their lives in comedy.

Rock made a comment claiming that Louis C.K. was the “blackest White guy that he knew” and Luis C.K. responded by saying, “You’re saying I’m a N—r.” Rock went along with the joke by saying, “Yes. You are the n—erest f—king White man.”

Louis C.K. continued to use the N-word at least six more times during the clip which lasts just under two minutes. Furthermore, Gervais used the N-word while saying he doesn’t use the word during his comedy.

Seinfeld appeared to be the only voice of reasoning during the clip as he looked turned off by Louis C.K. and Gervais’ decision to use the word.

“Well, you’ve found the humor of [using that word]. I haven’t found it nor do I seek it,” Seinfeld said the Louis C.K. who laughed.

Following the clip going viral, Louis C.K.,and Gervais were both blasted on social media for using the N-word. Rock was blasted for not speaking up.

Here are the reactions: