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Diddy clowned for getting smacked down by Cassie after expressing his love

Source: Instagram – @cassie

Based upon the sampling of responses on social media, very few people have any sympathy for music boss Diddy after he was shot down by Cassie in the rudest of ways. In fact, they took pleasure in mocking him with memes and jokes.

A few days ago, Diddy posted a photo of the “Me & U” singer on his Instagram page in another attempt to publicly profess his love for Cassie. But just hours later, Casandra Elizabeth Ventura, 32, posted a photo on her Instagram page showing her kissing a mystery man that we now know is industry trainer Alex Fine. It was the ultimate smackdown.

The reason there is a void of sympathy from fans is that Sean Combs, 49, had been flossing Cassie as a trophy piece for approximately 10 years without giving her a baby or putting a ring on it. When she tried to leave for the final time to begin a new chapter in her life, Diddy suddenly went on a social media blitz to win her back — and he ended up with egg all over his face.

Not only are fans dragging Diddy for his embarrassing crash in the public realm, but they are almost universally siding with Cassie for standing up to a very rich and influential man who did not look like he was ever going to walk her down the aisle. In fact, Diddy had three children with his former girlfriend, the late Kim Porter, but he did not marry her either.

And that’s why Diddy is being clowned mercilessly on social media. Take a look.