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Personal health was the catalyst for Felisha Mims to claim her power

Felisha Mims (photo provided by Felisha Mims)

Felisha Mims tasted the Hollywood lifestyle years ago as a makeup artist for some of the biggest names in Black Hollywood. She traveled the world doing movies, film and high fashion photo shoots but realized that lifestyle was not her destiny. Today, Mims is the CEO and founder of ERP Custom Solutions, an IT technology firm that finds talent to help companies improve their bottom line.

After launching ERP, Mims found her passion and launched She Ran Herself FIT! a FITness active wear brand that is inspiring women around the world to be FIT. Mims is a fitness fanatic and an avid runner and enjoys running marathons. A few years ago she started a quest to conquer a half marathon in every state every month. She has conquered that goal and gone on to run marathons outside of the U.S.

Felisha Mims (photo provided by Felisha Mims)

What is your superpower?

My superpower is my tenacity. I have always been persistent and determined in life. Even when the odds are stacked against me I don’t look at the circumstances. I keep my eyes focused on what is ahead of me. I am always trying to progressively be better for tomorrow.

What skills or qualities do you possess that makes you unique as a leader?

Being a leader is more than having a business or a lot of followers. Leadership is not about being a dictator, it is about being a servant. As a leader, I am a servant to my peers and my community. I believe in making a difference in my community in addition to helping others fulfill their purpose and reach their true potential. I constantly encourage people to do what their heart desires, and I celebrate them as they achieve their dreams.

Why is it important for women of color to lead or work in leadership roles and decision-making capacities?

We have fought long and hard to be where we are today. We need to pave the way for the next generation and continue to build on these opportunities that have been afforded to us by our ancestors.

What success habits do you implement into your daily routine to maintain your success, sanity and peace of mind?

Every morning I wake up around 2:45 a.m. and the first thing I do is work out. I wake up early in the morning to take time out for myself before the hectic demands of life are thrown at me.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I can’t just name one person in particular, however, the resilience of the African American woman is what motivates me to be who I am and give me the strength and courage to go after my dreams. So when I see a woman of color going above and beyond the status quo … that’s my inspiration.