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Black woman knocked out by man causes backlash against Miami spring breakers

Black woman knocked out by man causes backlash against Miami spring breakers
Screenshot of man punching woman during spring break in Miami. (Photo credit: Rachael Leaphart)

Black college students are facing backlash after a week of spring break fun turned rowdy in South Beach, Florida.

Several video clips have emerged of half-naked partygoers twerking and groups fighting in public. One particular video featured a brawl between multiple spring breakers where a woman was knocked unconscious by a man.

In the video, the woman was involved in a fight with other women and appeared to touch a young man. Without saying a word, the young man turned and punched the woman in the face, knocking her to the ground. While laying on the ground, several people began recording footage of her without bothering to help her or check on her well-being.

The man who hit the woman walked away unscathed.

After the clip went viral, Miami residents held a town hall meeting to share their displeasure with the actions of the college students. In response, Miami city officials said they plan to create more restrictions during the annual spring break festivities.

“This is going to be challenging work, and at times it may not be pretty, but I’ve assured senior command staff, I’ve even spoken to our union president, that I, the administration, stands behind our officers to do everything they need to do to take control of the beach,”  City Manager Jimmy Morales said in a statement.

Along with several fights, the week was also marred by the untimely death of a young woman who was killed while on her way to the airport. Michelle Logan, 23, allegedly was hanging out of the car window and yelled, “Bye Miami,” as the car changed lanes. Logan fell out of the window of the sedan and was run over by a Range Rover.

Rachael Leaphart, 22, an Atlanta college student who attended the spring break festivities in Miami, said she believes that more restrictions should be added to prevent violence, but students should still be allowed to have a good time.

“I think there should be enforcement when it comes to drinking on the beach,” Leaphart said. “The violence was caused by the drinking because the people who were fighting looked intoxicated. But they should not ban all college students from coming to Miami.”

View vicious brawl after the jump.

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