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5 ways Wendy Williams would gossip about herself after husband’s rumored affair

Wendy Williams (Picture by: Janet Mayer / Splash News)

Wendy Williams stands as the leading voice of celebrity gossip in this generation. For over 20 years, Williams has used her platform to call out celebrities who have encountered public and personal issues.

However, Williams must now deal with her own issues, as her personal problems have become fodder for blog sites and social media. Over the past few weeks, Williams has admitted to living in a sober house due to relapsing on drugs; rumors have surfaced that her husband, Kevin Hunter, is still seeing his mistress; and there are claims that Hunter allegedly fathered a child after his reported mistress gave birth. Lastly, there were reports that Williams relapsed on alcohol earlier this week.

Besides admitting to living in a sober house, Williams has remained silent about her personal issues while hosting the “Wendy Williams Show.”

But what would Williams say if she was forced to speak about her own issues? Here are the five ways Wendy Williams would gossip about herself on hot topics:

Leave Kevin Hunter

If Williams was advising another celebrity about a cheating husband who reportedly fathered a child, it’s likely that she would tell the celebrity to leave the marriage. She should listen to her own advice and leave the one thing that is possibly causing her to have emotional distress.

Start a new production company

Williams may face a legal battle if she decides to cut ties with her husband. For over two decades, the two have worked together in business and own a production company. Williams would tell herself to cut all ties and start a new production company.

Stay away from drugs and alcohol 

The abuse of drugs and alcohol is the worst way to cope with problems. Williams would tell herself to leave the drugs alone and get back to focusing on what she does best.


For the past 25 years, Williams has mostly worked non-stop. She should consider taking a break to fix her personal problems before she becomes overwhelmed.

Move on 

If Williams was speaking about herself during hot topics, she would suggest removing everything toxic from her life. If her husband’s transgressions and drugs are creating a toxic environment, it’s time for her to move on.