Rev. Susan Buckson emphasizes building a godly relationship

Rev. Susan Buckson emphasizes building a godly relationship
Rev. Susan H. Buckson (Photo courtesy of Edwina Saunders-Graham)
  • City: Aragon, Georgia
  • House of Worship: Bellview African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Religion: Christian
  • Social media handles: Facebook: Susan H Buckson; Instagram: rev.susanb

Rev. Susan Buckson is currently the pastor of Bellview A. M. E. Church in Aragon, Georgia. During our time, she stressed the importance of developing a relationship with God and how that ties into going to church.

When did you know that God was calling you to be a messenger of the gospel?

Though I answered God’s call to preach in 1999 at Waters AME Church in Baltimore, MD, I have always acknowledged my calling as a teacher whose passion is empowering others.  Since I was 9-years-old teaching summer classes for my friends, I have been a messenger for enlightenment.

How important is it to have a personal relationship with God?

Having a personal relationship, being intimately connected to God, Jesus Christ or a Higher Power is important, because it is a constant reminder of one’s place and therefore allows for humility, which for me [is].the greatest asset a person can embody.

What three successful habits are a part of your daily routine that help you maintain your success, sanity and peace of mind?

I talk with my dad. He centers me. Listening to a variety of audiobooks and sermons during my commute at least two to three hours each day. [I also] review my goals personal and professional goals.

As a pastor, what is your greatest or proudest achievement?

After hosting a Spring Break College Tour, one of our youth who has been struggling academically and behaviorally in school, took it upon himself to sign-up for tutorials at his school. He told his grandmother, he “has to have better grades to get into a good college.” Exposure changes lives.

How do you incorporate technology into today’s church?

We host Bible Study online weekly. We also maintain a social media presence through Facebook that keeps older members, who themselves do not have pages, informed not just about our church, but about what happens throughout our denomination. They use our Facebook page as their own.

Who are your favorite disciples? Please explain.

Peter and Paul. Peter is really ride-or-die, but true to his inner scaredy-cat. Paul is practical, organized, and focused on maturing in his walk and has a burden to help others to do likewise.

Name two Scriptures that address trouble.

Mark 15:12-14 9 – Always remember “Crucify” comes from the same mouth that proclaims “Hosanna.” Trouble can come from those who appear to be your biggest fans. Psalm 27:1 – God will always make a way.

Why is it important for people to attend Bible study and Sunday school?

It isn’t. It is important that people attend well-prepared, well-rounded, contextualized Bible study and Sunday school. Too often, like with church attendance, the expectation is that people “attend,” but we must have something of quality for people to come to, that helps them apply the word to their daily living.

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